KSI vs. Swarmz and Pineda time in 25 countries and PPV details: UK, USA, Mexico, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Africa, and more 

Image Credits:- @KSI, Instagram
Image Credits: @KSI, Instagram

KSI will return to boxing action against Swarmz and Luis Pineda, on the same night of August 27 at the O2 Arena in London. Taking on a celebrity athlete and a professional boxer, KSI will try to continue his winning streak, which began with a successful stint against Logan Paul in 2019.

According to talkSPORT's Michael Benson, each fight will be of three rounds.

KSI has now clarified that his two fights on Saturday night will be three rounds each. He will open the show vs Swarmz and then end the show in the main event vs Luis Alcarez Pineda. [@talkSPORT]

Olajide Olatunji, a.k.a KSI, will face Swarmz in the co-main event and Pineda in the main event.

Watch the face-off between Olatunji and Swarmz below:


While Swarmz may be a relatively easy opponent, Pineda is a professional who has been in the sport since 2017. Both bouts will take place in the cruiserweight category. Meanwhile, Olajide Olatunji's brother Deji will also appear on the undercard to take on Yousef Saleh Erakat a.k.a. Fousey. Here’s how to catch the event live from home.

KSI vs. Swarmz and Pineda: How to watch it live?

The event will be available on DAZN pay-per-view in 200 countries, including the UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, and more. However, the service won’t be available via web browsers in Argentina, Chile, and Colombia. Users need to download the app and then sign-up in those three countries.

The DAZN monthly subscription is $19.99 in the USA, $20 in Canada, and £7.99 in the U.K. The annual subscription stands at $99.99 in the US and $150 in Canada.

The US pay-per-view price on DAZN is $9.99 (additional) for the subscribers. Meanwhile, the price for the new subscribers is $29.28. In Canada, the pay-per-view price is an additional $9.99 (CAD) for the subscribers and $39.98 (CAD) for the new subscribers. The DAZN subscribers in the UK will have to pay an additional £11.99, while the new subscribers will be charged £19.98.

KSI vs. Swarmz and Pineda: Time in 25 countries

Listed below are the timings for the first-ever MF & DAZN X Series event in London. There will be eight fights in total on the entire card.

UK- 7 PM, August 27

France- 8 PM, August 27

Germany- 8 PM, August 27

Spain- 8 PM, August 27

Ireland- 7 PM, August 27

Netherlands- 8 PM, August 27

Finland- 9 PM, August 27

USA- 2 PM, August 27

Canada- 2 PM, August 27

Mexico- 1 PM, August 27

Brazil- 3 PM, August 27

Argentina- 3 PM, August 27

Russia- 9 PM, August 27

India- 11:30 PM, August 27

Singapore - 2 AM, August 28

Hong Kong - 2 AM, August 28

Japan- 3 AM, August 28

Saudi Arabia- 9 PM, August 27

Srilanka- 11:30 PM, August 27

Bangladesh- 12:00 AM, August 28

China- 2:00 AM, August 28

Afghanistan- 10:30 PM, August 27

South Africa- 8:00 PM, August 27

Kenya- 9:00 PM, August 27

Zimbabwe- 8:00 PM, August 27

Full fight card

KSI vs. Luis Pineda (Cruiserweight)

KSI vs. Swarmz (Cruiserweight)

Faze Tempter vs. Slim Albaher (Light heavyweight)

Deji vs. Fousey (Light heavyweight)

Faze Sensei vs. King Kenny (Catchweight)

Salt Papi vs. Andy Warski (Catchweight)

Sam Hyde vs. IAMTHMPSN (Heavyweight)

Deen The Great vs. Evil Hero (Catchweight)

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