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10 WWE Attitude Era Stars fans forgot about


Giant Silva and Kurggan are overwhelmed by the stench of Golga
Giant Silva and Kurggan are overwhelmed by the stench of Golga's sneaker.

Wrestling fans are, just like any other demographic, prone to nostalgia. Sometimes it seems like everything that is old is better, whether it's the new Ghostbusters or late model cars. One of the truisms that gets bandied about by wrestling fans on social media goes like this; WWE hasn't been truly great since the Attitude Era.

It is true that the Attitude Era gave us many great superstars and many classic moments that will be treasured forever. Who can forget Stone Cold Steve Austin's memorable 3:16 speech, which many recognize as the birth of the Attitude Era? And let's not forget Vince McMahon transitioning from a beloved babface announcer to becoming on of the most despicable villains pro wrestling has ever seen.

Not to mention that a certain third generation wrestler comes from the Attitude Era, the same one that's now the highest paid star in the world. Rhymes with 'sock.'

While there are many things from the Attitude Era which are looked back upon fondly with justification, there are also many things that the fans seem to have amnesia about. Not every wrestler is going to be a hall of famer, and these ten superstars are barely remembered in the modern era.

Here are ten Attitude Era wrestlers the fans have largely forgotten about.

#1 Tiger Ali Singh

Tiger Ali Singh with Babu
Tiger Ali Singh with Babu

Tiger Ali Singh is the son of international wrestling superstar Tiger Jeet Singh. But while the senior Tiger is well known for his in ring skills and ability to work a crowd, his son just didn't have the same it factor.

Tiger Ali Singh's career began prodigiously enough. He was trained at the New Japan Pro Wrestling dojo for six months, and made his debut tag teaming with his father.

Singh would be signed by the WWE, who treated his acquisition as if it were a huge deal, even holding a press conference for the sole purpose of announcing that Tiger Ali Singh was now a WWE employee.


His biggest accolade was probably winning the second, and final, Kuwait Cup, followed closely by the time he beat future world champion Edge at a pay per view. Singh would be sent to Puerto Rico to improve his in ring abilities, but when he returned--briefly--was used as a manager of D'Lo Brown and Chazz.

Why no one remembers him: Tiger Ali Singh basically had the Indian version of Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase's gimmick. It hadn't been that long since Dibiase was an active wrestler in WWE, and fans didn't warm up to the copycat gimmick. Also, in terms of wrestling ability, Tiger Ali Singh is on the lower end of the spectrum.

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