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AEW News: Chris Jericho explains why the AEW Title match closed the All Out PPV

Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:23 IST

The man with many nicknames and over 1,004 holds became the first AEW World Champion
The man with many nicknames and over 1,004 holds became the first AEW World Champion

The legend that is Chris Jericho walked out of All Out as the first-ever All Elite Wrestling Champion. His venture of creating a new promotion with members of the Elite has given the pro wrestling world another option of wrestling to watch, and it now has one of the biggest stars in the industry as its Champion.

Due to his longevity and spot in pro wrestling history, it's safe to say that Jericho knows a thing or two about the business and its inner workings. He's a veteran and has extensive knowledge of ring psychology, the structure of matches, match placement, calling matches and helping younger stars.

Some fans were confused as to why his title match with Adam Page closed All Out instead of the ladder match between the Young Bucks and the Lucha Brothers. Jericho happily described exactly why he was in the main event on his Talk is Jericho podcast. carried transcripts of the legend's comments.

Titles Are Important

While the match between the Young Bucks and the Lucha Brothers was a high-profile showdown between two great tag teams, the titles that were on the line in that match were from AAA and not AEW.

Since All Elite Wrestling was going to crown its first World Champion, it made logical sense for that match to close the show instead of the next chapter in the ongoing feud between the Young Bucks and the Lucha Brothers. Jericho gave his two cents on his Talk is Jericho podcast.

"There have been some debates, 'well, you should have put the ladder match on last because you can't follow it.' I disagree. The World Title match is the World Title match. That's why you put guys in there that can have a World Title match.
 "What is a true World Title match? It should have story, intensity, a viciousness, and it should be completely between two men fighting for the biggest prize in the sport. If you can't put that on last, then you shouldn't be a champion and you shouldn't have a World Title.
"I don't care if you have a double blow-up your ball bag, dynamite stick up the ass match before it. How do you follow the amazing spectacle of a ladder match? Start with an arm-drag and then another one. That was specifically for the critics."

Can't Argue with the GOAT

Jericho is 100% correct with his logic. World Championships are supposed to be the top prizes in any promotion and should close out shows. While things can be altered from PPV to PPV, this particular show would determine the first-ever AEW Champion.


The Young Bucks and Lucha Brothers squared off for what seemed like the 100th time so just because it had ladders and other stipulations, it doesn't mean that it was more important than a title that actually belongs to the company putting on the event.

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Published 06 Sep 2019, 09:44 IST
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