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AEW News: Chris Jericho lays into the Rhodes Family ahead of his match with Cody at Full Gear

195   //    11 Sep 2019, 09:35 IST

Cody is Jericho's first challenger.
Cody is Jericho's first challenger.

If he doesn't like you, Chris Jericho will let you know. He has taken numerous shots at the fans during his run in AEW, constantly demanding "thank yous" from them. Cody Rhodes was announced as his first opponent as the reigning AEW Champion last week and it appears Jericho isn't holding anything back in order to sell the title match at Full Gear.

During a passionate video posted to YouTube, Jericho blamed Dusty Rhodes for his past troubles in WCW. He also ripped all members of the Rhodes' family. carried the video and transcripts of some of Jericho's comments.

A long-standing beef

With nearly over 30 years of history to build upon, Jericho is going back to his early days to help sell his upcoming feud with Cody. In usual Jericho fashion, he roasted as many people as possible while also asking for a thank you.

“It’s not a secret, I don’t like you Cody. I don’t like your brother, I don’t like your mother, I don’t like your sisters and I sure as hell don’t like Dusty Rhodes, your father.”

In order to make things even more personal, Jericho recalled his beginnings in WCW and trying to climb up the ladder during the 1990s.

“That [expletive] promised me a lot of things that never happened. Fast-forward 25 years and now this [expletive], you Cody, promised me a lot of stuff that also didn’t happen but I’ll promise you this, I don’t like who you are or your family but I love being ‘le Champion’ and I’m going to beat the hell out of you and teach your entitled a a lesson on November 9th in Baltimore, my birthday.”

Jericho also poked fun at Cody's nickname, the American Nightmare, by promising that his birthday on November 9th would be special.

“The greatest birthday present I could ever receive is beating the crap out of you, Cody. Welcome to my nightmare, I don’t think you’re going to like it. You’re welcome.”

Genius Storytelling

If Cody has proven one thing thus far in his early run in AEW it is that he has a great understanding of emotional storytelling. A lot of his feuds have been built around his last name and family, and this one is shaping up to be the same. From his bout against his brother at Double or Nothing to his most recent showing against Shawn Spears at All Out, the American Nightmare isn't afraid to bring up his past.

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