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Chris Jericho reveals how much longer he plans on wrestling

  • 'Le Champion' isn't going anywhere!
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:04 IST

'Le Champion'

It's safe to say that All Elite Wrestling has heavily relied on Chris Jericho during its early stages as a promotion. 'The GOAT' has been a vital part of the promotion as its inaugural Champion and has also formed one of the top groups in the company: The Inner Circle.

Jericho recently revealed that due to his limited schedule, he plans on wrestling for "many more years." carried news of his interview with Jim Valley and Fumi Saito on the Pacific Rim podcast.

A Renaissance Man

The 48-year old Jericho has his hands in a few pies, including wrestling for both AEW and for New Japan Pro-Wrestling on sporadic occasions. He also hosts a podcast, runs his annual cruise while also fronting the metal band Fozzy. Since AEW doesn't require its wrestlers to perform 4-5 days of the week, 'Le Champion' has revealed that it has helped prolong his career.

“When you talk about 2018, I just did I think I believe 4-5 matches. I did the 3 matches with New Japan, I did one for WWE, and one on the cruise and that was about it,” Jericho said. “I liked that schedule. This year was basically the same, I think I’ve probably done 10-12 matches and that’s good for me.”

Because he hasn't been required to wrestle for over 250 days out of the year, Jericho's body has been able to recover in between bouts. The limited schedule also allowed him to continue his other endeavors outside of the ring. We have that schedule to thank for 'The Gift of Jericho' for many years to come.

“I think if I continue with that schedule, I may be able to continue to work at this level for years to come,” Jericho said. “For me, people will say ‘well, how much longer can you do this?’ or ‘how long do you plan to do this?’ I never think about it that way. To me, it’s I’m just Chris Jericho and I’ll continue to do what I’ve always done and when I start feeling like I’m not at the level or, doing the best segment of the show or having one of the best matches on the show, I’ll stop but that hasn’t happened yet.”

AEW's gain

Outside of Cody, Jericho, and Jon Moxley, there aren't many stars that casual fans would be able to identify. It's why Jericho was made the first AEW Champion due to his notoriety both inside and outside of professional wrestling. Since he wants to maintain his current schedule, he'll be able to delight fans everywhere with his unique promos and character for years to come.

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Published 19 Nov 2019, 03:45 IST
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