10 WWE superstars with history of having used marijuana

The Godfather of weed

Randy OrtonProfessional wrestlers have a hectic schedule. They are on the road for more than 300 days in a year and it wouldn’t be a big surprise if they look for some unique ways to relieve their stress.Some superstars find solace in music, others hang out and then there is this special category that turns to marijuana for relief. (No, I’m not endorsing weed and saying that it relieves stress)Smoking weed might still be frowned upon in current society, but it is hard to blame these superstars right?With that said, this list is going to take a look at those superstars who are known to have a habit of smoking weed on a regular basis. 

#10 The Godfather

The Godfather was one of the standout gimmicks during the attitude era.

Wrestling was enjoying mainstream success during the time and most of WWE’s restrictions were loosened up as they were busy plotting against WCW. Charles Wright, who played Godfather, made good use of the situation and used slang in his promos that had hidden meanings related to marijuana.

Wright has admitted numerous times about being a weed smoker but incorporating it in his promos was something that not many superstars in the WWE did.

It was an intelligent move from him and it also shows that the upper management back then had no idea about such things. 

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