Humour: 12 completely ridiculous reasons why some people dislike Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world. But that is not the only accolade he has. He can also be termed as one of the most hated personalities in the world of football.There are very few stadiums left in the world where this man hasn’t been whistled at.

Be it at Allianz Arena or some stadium of a 4th division team from the Byzantine Empire, the spectators show no remorse while jeering the Portuguese. Also read: Is Ronaldo gay? Relationship rumours squashedOn that note, here are 12 reasons why Ronaldo is such a hated figure: 

Disclaimer: The article is only meant in jest and must not be taken seriously. 

#1 Handsome, yet hateable face

The former United winger is one of the best looking players around and that, according to himself, is a reason why he is hated. 

There are many people who feel like punching the television when they see his face on it. This face might have attracted many supermodels, but it erects every hair that exists on the body of people who dislike him with a passion.

Also, the clean-shaved look doesn’t help. If Cristiano had a beard, he might have been liked more even if he made cocky statements (read Andrea Pirlo). A beard helps one get away with many things. You could kill a puppy and get away with it if you have an awesome beard (like how Xabi Alonso gets away despite leaving Liverpool and Real Madrid in a very messy manner).

There’s another reason which adds to this, which is...

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