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5 Commandments WWE could have for the future

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Superstars who broke the Eleventh Commandment have already paid huge pricesThe word ‘commandment’ has become a little too popular these days with Paul Heyman repeatedly using it to refer to the Eleventh Commandment in WWE. It goes like this: Thou shall not intentionally provoke the Beast, Brock Lesnar.Brock Lesnar abhors all those who break the perennial commandment and the penitence is by taking them on a free trip to Suplex city. The commandment justifies the persona of Lesnar and the WWE universe totally loves it.There are a bunch of young and talented heroes backstage with the potential of becoming future big names, out of which a select few have already made a name for themselves.As part of this slideshow, let us have a look at 5 superstars who could have commandments of their own and here is a sample line for each of them -

#5 The New Day

The magical unicorns

Oh Brooklyn....clap for your two-time champs and feel the power! It’s a New Day, yes it is!!

This is how the New Day enters the arena and empowers everyone watching the show – both on and off TV. The incredible trio has become such of an amazing entity that they even main event WWE’s flagship show on a regular basis. Let us then, try to give the entertaining bunch a commandment of their own.

How about something like this: Thou shall not intentionally break the trombone and never ever clap your hands to say that we suck.

The entertainment quotient that these guys possess is on an another level at the moment. They dish out fun-filled segments each night on RAW and SmackDown and impress the crowds in their amusing heel roles.

Not to forget that they are your World tag champs and have every right to have a commandment of their own, so you’ve got to respect that.

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