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5 footballers who are always likely to inflict injury on their opponents

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Almost everything has an ugly side and, sadly, the beautiful game is not exempt. Football has produced some shocking brawls over the years, both on and off the pitch, but that has always been overshadowed by the positive aspects.Hooliganism amongst fans has always been part of the game, however, some players have no problem getting their hands (and/or heads) dirty and it seems like no one is safe when they are around. They never hesitate to lash out in anger or leave one on an opposing player, most times showing a complete lack of consideration for the beauty of the sport.Injuries are obviously unavoidable, but those players make them so much easier to come by. Here is a list of footballers who are always likely to inflict injury on their opponents.

#5 Pepe

Pepe Thomas Muller
Pepe was sent off and banned at the 2014 World Cup for headbutting Thomas Muller

You surely wouldn’t want to pick a fight with the Real Madrid and Portugal defender. There is no subtlety to his game and he never backs down from a challenge.

Pepe, known as a no-nonsense defender, is as tough as nails. Combine that with the occasional tendency for maniacal conduct and you have one of the most dangerous men in football. He once went unpunished for stepping on Lionel Messi’s hand during a match against Barcelona, but could not avoid punishment for his lashing out at Getafe player Javi Casquero back in 2009.

He would angrily kick the midfielder twice after he went down in the box, then pull on his hair and put his knee into his back while squeezing his arm and pretending to have a conversation. He then tried to step on Casquero’s arm with one foot while using the other foot to stamp on his leg while moving backwards.

Pepe foul Javi Getafe
Pepe was banned for kicking Getafe’s Javier Casquero

Pepe would still punch two other Getafe players who tried to defend their teammate, before attempting yet another stamp on the still-grounded player. Surprisingly, Pepe was only banned for four matches after his demonic display, but this one incident certainly leaves him one of the most violent players in today’s game.

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