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5 instances showing Rahul Dravid is the ultimate team player

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Rahul Dravid exemplified the qualities of a perfect teammate and a gentleman. He is one of the few cricketers who is beloved by teammates and opponents alike. While remaining comfortable in his role as an oft unsung hero, Dravid consistently showed that he is more than deserving of the accolades showered upon him while refusing to bask in the adulation. His dedication towards his team is an example to one and all. Here are 5 instances which show that Rahul Dravid was and remains to be an ultimate team player.

#1 Saving his hometown team

To Dravid, a field was a field regardless of seating capacity

In front of just 15-20 spectators, Rahul Dravid took to the field to help his childhood club BUCC and Friends Union Cricket Club (FUCC) in the Karnataka State Cricket Association’s (KSCA) Group I Division II avoid relegation. Without any fanfare Dravid entered a game in a league which most top level cricketers wouldn't be caught dead in without a heavy purse in return. For loyalty's sake Dravid batted for his team and helped them to live another day.

Dravid played for the two days of the match, and even fielded for his team. He scored 113 runs to help his team avoid relegation.

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