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The 5 most entertaining factions in the history of WWE

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 D-Generation X is one of the many reasons why fans can’t get over Attitude Era programmingWriting a faction may not be the easiest thing to do. But then again, what is easy to write for?A faction contains multiple individuals who act as a cohesive unit and yet their greatness or entertainment comes from the fact how all the members or most of them, contribute to making something great.So writing like that for each member and making them important contributors in holding together a group, and making it entertaining, is a difficult process but the extremely rewarding when all of it comes to fruition.Here are the 5 most entertaining factions in WWE history:

#5 The New Day

Right now on the main roster, there isn’t any faction who can equal The New Day, who made a failing gimmick work by turning heel.

Their energy, their range of ridiculousness and their promos have made them one of the most entertaining aspects of Raw and one of the most entertaining factions in the WWE ever. If you want to look for proof, go ahead and watch their promo on misbehaving children and just look at Big E literally telling you what ‘ROFL’ means.

Kofi Kingston has never looked this confident on the mic and Xavier Woods can’t be ignored as a ringside manager for his team making a trombone look like an important character, at least for a while.

Feel the Powah!

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