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5 Underrated microphone workers of all-time in WWE history

Jon Fisher
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The Deadman and his underrated mic skills It takes a lot to be a WWE superstar. They must have the charisma, wrestling ability, passion and microphone work to make it in the professional wrestling industry.While the wrestling part of the industry is extreme and very taxing on their body, the rare skill to capture the audience with words isn’t easy. To CM Punk, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock and John Cena, it all came naturally. They were always able to talk on the microphone without a care in the world. Since their characters were simply themselves, the exaggerated versions of each WWE legend worked for the audience.However, there is a slew of WWE legends that weren’t appreciated for their mic work. Normally, when a WWE star is in the main event, the mic work normally comes with it. Unless they have a manager like Paul Heyman, they can talk for themselves. Without further ado, here are the top-5 underrated mic workers in WWE history:

#1 Undertaker

The Undertaker is one of the most-polarizing figures in WWE history. For most of his career, he didn’t have to speak to captivate the WWE Universe. Taker’s look, charisma and personality proved enough to become a WWE legend.

When the ‘Phenom’ did speak, his deep and dreary voice were intimidating to his opponents and complemented his character perfectly. At times, the Deadman was simply just that, the deadman. His promos didn’t last long, but when Taker said, “You must rest in peace,” everybody listened and turned their attention to him. Not to mention his entrance and attire made the Phenom come full circle. 

The promo above is a rare one featuring the Undertaker, in which he did break kayfabe. Taker addressed the bookings of Vince McMahon and why he was the “slayer of the dragons.” In this segment, Undertaker displayed a passion for the industry and didn’t shy away with his words. This was after his darkness period of the WWE. It included the sentence, “Vince McMahon didn’t want someone like the Undertaker representing the WWF.”

He then talked about his loyalty to the business. The Phenom showed a different side that night, and his microphone skills were quickly realized that night. 

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