6 players who supported rival clubs in their childhood

He could have said nicer things about Madrid

Every football supporter has that one club that they just cannot bear to see. Liverpool fans have Manchester United and Everton, Manchester United fans have Manchester City and Liverpool, Barcelona fans have Espanyol and Real Madrid, the list is endless.Professional players are also football supporters and their allegiance to a club takes them on a path that decides their fate and which club they represent. Robbie Keane is a fine example of this as he seems to have played for every football club he has ever supported.There are a few players who take a more unconventional route as to choosing which club to play for. They support X but end up playing for Y, who coincidently end up being rivals to each another.Football is a funny game but some players tread a very dangerous line when it comes to supporting a club and playing for their rivals. Here are six players who supported their rivals in childhood but played for the other team:

#1 Isco - Barcelona

The 23-year-old Real Madrid attacking midfielder isn't a product of Madrid's youth system, in fact, he joined the club after spells at Valencia and Malaga. Madrid paid good money for the youngster to get him to their side but they would not have been pleased with some of his revelations.

While joining Madrid, Isco let out that he is a Lionel Messi fan and he did have a quirky way of showing his support and love to the Argentine sensation as he named his dog after the Barcelona forward.

"I named my dog, a labrador, ‘Messi’ because Messi is the best in the world, and so is my dog," 

Right, while that can still be seen as something the Real Madrid fans can use to joke about with Messi, he did also have more to say in another interview done in 2009: "I’ve always been a bit anti-Madridista and I still am. I have the feeling it’s an arrogant club, and without humility you don’t get anywhere,"

Wasn't the smartest thing to say back then.

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