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Top 50 FIFA 16 Player Ratings (10-1)

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The top 10 of every FIFA are always the most anticipated release of each edition of the game, while the top 2 is usually dominated by the same duo of superstars, it’s a question of who can beat the other each year. The other 8 to make the list also seem to fluctuate but their ratings also change every year moving some up while others down.This year’s rating has taken into account the seasons players have had and the importance of their individual performances as well as the value they represent for their teams. They could very well represent the same value for your teams in the game. While the difference between ratings for the top rated and the 50th on the list could be minute, the difference in their play during the game is vast. Often even the characteristics also fluctuate to some degree allowing the players’ virtual avatars to evolve along with their real equivalents.

#5 10-9

 David Silva – Manchester City – Ranking: 10, Rating: 88 (+1) 

David Silva FIFA 16

The Manchester City playmaker was the shining light of their trophyless campaign last season. He dictated play and varied the Citizen’s tempo the best he could, sometimes not finding the results he would like but trying, nonetheless. His consistency and flair earned him a +1 overall rating in this edition of FIFA. Given City’s blistering start to 2015/16, you wouldn’t be faulted for expecting more from the Spaniard.

Thiago Silva – Paris Saint-Germain – Ranking: 9, Rating: 88 (+1)

Thiago Silva FIFA 16 9

A rock at the back for Paris Saint-Germain, the Brazilian has rarely been out of form in his many years at the top level of football. His overall rating is one over the score he had in the last edition. Deservedly so as he has stepped up to every challenge thrown at him in his tenure leading the French club to a domestic quadruple. His contribution in the opposition box from set pieces is another box checked for the big guy.

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#4 8-7

Neymar – Barcelona – Ranking: 8, Rating: 88 (+1)

Neymar FIFA 16

The Barcelona superstar has found himself thrust into limelight from an incredibly young age and despite his skill and flair on the ball, last season was the first time at club level that he really showed the threat that he carried while playing for the Catalan club. He earned a single point increase in his overall score but seems destined for bigger things. Some may even argue that he could be among the biggest in the world.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Paris Saint-Germain – Ranking: 7, Rating: 89 (-1)

Zlatan FIFA 16

The big Swede has always been among the best players in the world. No one would argue that he still isn’t and last year saw him play up to his natural game that has won him so many accolades, nonetheless, Edinson Cavani has seen an increased role going forward and Zlatan has often not completed games as age seems to be catching up with him. His -1 while not entirely deserved could be put down to Zlatan growing older.

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#3 6-5

Eden Hazard – Chelsea – Ranking: 6, Rating: 89 (+1)

Eden Hazard CHelsea FIFA 16


A case of so close, yet so far for the Belgian as he enthralled the world with his ability on full display last season, at times singlehandedly winning Chelsea games. He has been compared to the best in the world and his overall score reflects the sane as he saw himself go one up, ever closer to the 90 mark but missing out by a hair. Though, the Blues and Hazard have had a poor start to the season, many would back the 24-year-old to go on and improve once again.

Arjen Robben – Bayern Munich – Ranking: 5, Rating: 90

Arjen Robben Bayern munich FIFA 16

The Dutch star playing for Bayern Munich has through the years built himself an immense reputation scoring goals playing on the right hand side for the German champions. His exploits took Bayern to several heights both domestically and in Europe and had he not suffered an injury late on in the season, perhaps they would have seen a better result to their season. His overall did not increase or decrease but his quality has been undeniably good.

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#2 4-3

Manuel Neuer – Bayen Munich – Ranking: 4, Rating: 90

manuel neuer Bayern munich FIFA 16

The Bayern custodian has impressed yet again, and that is a statement that will surprise no one. His ability to keep Bayern in games when they seem out of ideas or struggling for answers has been the difference in many games. Having rejuvenated the role of ‘Sweeper keeper’, the Bavarians will be glad that he’s in goal to protect them when they play their ridiculously high line.

Luis Suarez – Barcelona – Ranking: 3, Rating: 90 (+1)

Luis suarez FIFA 16 barcelona

The Uruguayan has seen as much controversy as he has football, but his talent has never been questioned. The way he went into the Barcelona team after completing his ban and lifted them from good to a whole another level was a key factor in their treble-winning exploits. The striker is definitely among the best in the world and his +1 on overall is a bit of an understatement on the season he has had.

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#1 2-1

Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid – Ranking: 2, Rating: 93 (+1)

Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA 16 Real madrid

It wasn’t unexpected, but a question of how much the increase was by and the answer is +1. The Portuguese superstar won only the Club World Cup last campaign but his consistent goal-scoring earned him the Pichichi trophy. He continues to wage a personal battle for records against the player in number one as he looks to cement his name in history every season.

Lionel Messi – Barcelona – Ranking: 1, Rating: 94 (+1)

Lionel messi FIFA 16 Barcelona

Treble winner, UEFA Player of the Year, and European Supercup holder, the little boy from Rosario has come a long way. His +1 increase in overall seems impossible but he keeps getting better every season beating all odds and as he lines up this season as part of the deadly trio at the tip of Barcelona’s attack, they will seek to beat the records they set last season, which by their standards seem not just possible but probable.

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