The 10 funniest backstage stories in WWE history

Paul Bearer led the Undertaker to the ring as his manager during the Phenom’s early days in the WWE.
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Undertaker and Brock Lesnar mightve gotten a laugh at a few of these stories.Pro wrestling locker rooms might be a collection of men and women, mostly men, in a highly competitive environment, but theyre still locker rooms. And when locker rooms, as well as hotel rooms and cars, contain people who are very familiar with each other, things can get a little wild.That unpredictable nature has led to some really humorous stories over the years and across promotions, and they involve some of the most intense performers in the business. Here are the 10 funniest such stories that have surfaced.

#10 Undertaker and the cucumbers

Paul Bearer led the Undertaker to the ring as his manager during the Phenom’s early days in the WWE.

While Paul Bearer served as Undertaker’s manager, the duo traveled together from town to town for WWE shows. As a result, the two often made jokes at each other’s expense.

When Taker laughed at a particularly embarassing situation involved Paul Bearer wetting his pants at a gas station, the manager decided to get even. It turns out, Undertaker has a real fear of cucumbers, and Paul Bearer filled the hat of his ring gear with the green veggie, causing the legend to vomit all over his hat and the cucumbers.

#9 Lawler\'s crappy crown

Jerry Lawler has developed quite the ego, reportedly, from being “The King” for so many years.

Jerry “The King” Lawler is a legend in the wrestling business, but he also developed quite a reputation for thinking he was better than his colleagues in the locker room. And guys like that are generally dealt with by their peers.

In this case, that meant ill treatment of Lawler’s signature crown and perhaps in the worst way possible without completely destroying it. Reportedly, multiple superstars took turns defecating in the crown, including Kliq members among others. Actually, destroying the crown completely might have been better for the King!

#8 Piper hunts a gator

Rowdy Roddy Piper was always known to march to his own beat.

Naturally, some funny things can happen when friends or co-workers are out on the road together, and wrestlers are no different. One such occurrence came as Roddy Piper and Kevin Sullivan were riding in a carpool in Florida.

Piper had decided he wanted to shoot one of the alligators in a nearby canal and have it turned into a belt and shoes. After choosing his target, the vehicle was stopped and Piper and Sullivan began shooting the gator. Thinking it was dead and floating in the canal, they stripped down to their wrestling gear and went in after their kill.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t dead and dove underwater, causing the two men to high-tail it out of the canal and back to the car.

#7 Hennig leaves a gift

Curt Hennig may have come up with the “Perfect” way to deal with a narcissistic colleague.

As much of a self-absorbed character Mr. Perfect was, the Ultimate Warrior is said to have become that same type of person in real life. As can be expected, his colleagues decided to do something about it, and Hennig did the honors.

Before Warrior was set to hide out under the ring for a surprise appearance, Hennig snuck under the ring and took what was said to be a large dump. That left the Ultimate Warrior in a small, confined space with the smelly mess for several matches.

#6 Warrior sniffs the cookie

The Ultimate Warrior was known for his intensity, particularly during his ring entrance.

This one was spotted by WWE and WCW legend Bret Hart in the locker room before a match. As Bret Hart made his preparations for his match, the Ultimate Warrior entered the locker room and looked for something to eat.

The health-conscious Warrior picked up a cookie, but instead of eating it, he crumbled it up in his hand. Then he sniffed the crumbs and threw them away afterward, claiming he could satiate his craving by the mere smell of the sweets. Talk about commitment to a diet!

#5 Bunking with the boss

Vince McMahon isn’t always so buttoned-up and professional.

Some of WWE’s shows on foreign soil can lead to strange sleeping arrangements, and that has included locations like Iraq. That trip, in particular, has required bunk-style accomodations that once involved CM Punk, Edge, JBL and Vince McMahon himself, among others.

The other men let McMahon, their real-life employer, have his own bunk. He elected to sleep on the top bunk anyway, and Punk claims to have heard McMahon passing gas and laughing about it throughout the night, proving that fart jokes are funny to men of all ages and socioeconomic statuses.

#4 Hart fakes drugs

Owen Hart was one of the biggest pranksters to go along with his Hart pedigree.

In the years since Owen Hart’s unfortunate death, many stories of his good-hearted pranks and humor have surfaced. And he apparently wasn’t afraid of joking about very serious matters.

Once, JIm Ross claims it was his duty to discuss with a particular wrestler his issues with cocaine use. Stressed about this conversation, Ross bumped into Hart, who had heard about the situation. Hart had rubbed powdered sugar from a doughnut below his nose and was squinting his eyes as though he was under the influence.

Ross didn’t immediately appreciate the humor at play, but he eventually came around.

#3 Everone\'s scared of Meng

Haku, or Meng, is known as one of the most legitimately intimidating men in wrestling history.

In any conversation about pro wrestlers who were legitimately scary individuals, Haku is a name that always comes up. That includes the words of his former colleagues, who all point to stories of him winning bar brawls, one of which involved him biting part of a man’s nose off.

This reputation helped him stay employed in WCW, where he was known as Meng. According to Eric Bischoff and other reports, there were times when the topic of firing Meng came up. Each time, the termination never happened because everyone was too scared to be the one to tell Meng.

#2 Owen pranks Ahmed

Ahmed Johnson might’ve been imposing, but not enough to scare away prankster Owen Hart.

Owen Hart was so well-known for his pranks and jokes, it’s fitting he’d get two spots on this list. In particular, the late wrestler was known for prank calls.

One such call came in the form of one made to Ahmed Johnson, informing him he’d been invited to appear on the Tonight Show. Wanting to impress, Johnson bought new clothes in preparation for the appearance and went down to wait for the limo. Once there, he ran into Hart, who revealed he had been responsible by referring to the exact time Johnson had been told to be ready.

#1 DDP gets cookies in bed

Diamond Dallas Page might’ve made this face when he discovered cookies in his hotel bed.

Of course, there was bound to be at least one story from a hotel room, and this one involves three fan favorites traveling with the WCW. Steve Austin, Mick Foley and Diamond Dallas Page were in a hotel room together, and Page had a habit of walking around naked.

As a result, Austin and Foley decided to prank him by putting chocolate chip cookies in Page’s bed while he was in the shower. Page came back to the dark room and climbed in bed – naked, of course – and soon noticed he was accompanied by the soft desserts. Foley’s laughter gave away his involvement, and Page proceeded to attack him with the cookies, still naked.

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