Top 5 WWE wrestlers who sang their own theme songs

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HBKMany people in WWE have multiple talents. Some were athletes before they came into WWE, others were dancers, and some were even actors. However, WWE does employ those with some actual musical ability too.Some like former WWE Diva Jillian Hall were characterized as a singer. She performed her own theme song to the boos of many. While she performed her song as a joke, many others did their own song with some high reviews. TNA star Jeff Hardy sang a few of his own songs in TNA and seemed to debut a new one every year. WWE is known for having people with various talents, so it makes sense to think that a character would be either vain enough to have their own song performed by them or they would have it as part of their character.In this list, we count the top five men down who sang their own theme songs. Enjoy.

#1 Shawn Michaels Theme Song


WWE Hall of Famer “The Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels might go down as the best in-ring WWE performer in history. It is arguable, but the man rarely had a bad match with anyone. While after 2002 he was known as the veteran that could make anyone look good, before he left with a back injury, Michaels was known as a bit of a playboy character. He was even in Playgirl Magazine due to his character getting over with the female fans of the WWE.

Decades ago, WWE felt he needed to have someone talk up his sexy boy nature. So the song “Sexy Boy” was sung by his manager at the time, Sensational Sherri. When the two parted ways over Sherri turning on him, WWE felt that Michaels needed to keep the image but be more vain about himself. Of course, he also didn’t want to have his theme sung by someone who turned on him. It only made sense for him to change the music, but keep the message there.

WWE felt the best way for Shawn Michaels to do this was to have HBK sing about himself as a sexy boy for the song. So he did jus that, rephrasing it a bit. It ended up becaming a major hit with WWE fans for years to come.

#2 Tyler Breeze Theme song


Tyler Breeze has gotten massively over down in WWE NXT. He is one of the best up and coming stars WWE has right now. Breeze felt that he could use something much better than the music he had for himself. The only one good enough for Prince Pretty was, of course, himself. This allowed him and his vain, Zoolander-like self, to sing the song known as “MMM-Gorgous.”

The song has gotten over quite well with fans, and it fits the Breeze character quite well. It is thought that Breeze will keep this theme music for a while, but he may do like many before him and redo the song or simply bring another out for the world to enjoy.

#3 R-Truth Theme song


R-Truth was with WWE years ago under the name K-Kwick. He seemed to fit in okay, but he just wasn’t working for what WWE wanted.

Ron Killings then left WWE and tried his hand at working the Indy scene and with other promotions. That landed him with TNA where he became one of the company’s top stars. He was an NWA/TNA World Champion in his time there, which showed WWE that he had potential and that he might be worthy of bringing back.

WWE decided to bring him back, but repackage him as a rapping superstar. The reason for this was that WWE wanted to still appeal to the black fans that they had, and with the hip-hop and rap world being popular, it made sense to bring in a black talent to take in a rap gimmick.

R-Truth would come in and rap the song “What’s Up” live for each entrance. He remains the only WWE Superstar in history to sing his song live for every entrance, barring his heel run where he did not.

#4 John Cena Theme song


WWE Superstar John Cena might go down as one of the top five best WWE Superstars ever. This is not disputable. You can hate John Cena for every reason in the book, but his success and star power make him one of the best the company has ever had. Part of the reason was his early WWE career. He was the first rapping talent WWE had. Cena, being from West Newberry, Mass., was a huge hip-hop fan.

Cena felt that he needed to do something unique to stand out in WWE, as he was unable to stand out with the “ruthless aggression” angle that WWE did with him at the beginning of his career. WWE allowed him to repackage himself, and he wrote all of his own material. The rap gimmick worked very well early on. So WWE felt it would be good for Cena to rap his own theme song, known as “Basic Thuganomics” or “Word Life.”

After his heel run, WWE felt he needed something to work for him as a babyface. That was when “My Time is Now” was done, and it has been the same song for him ever since. This actually came from Cena’s only rap album that came out nearly a decade ago. The theme song, as well as a few others, landed relatively high on charts and the album itself was rated pretty high. So Cena might be the most successful of any musical act on this list. It just goes along with him also being the most successful wrestler on the list as well.

You may be getting tired of the song today, as it now becoming a huge viral trend to use the song in videos right before the big climax of a video is set to occur. That was if you weren’t already tired of the man by now.

#5 Koko B. Ware Theme song


WWE Hall of Famer Koko B. Ware won’t go down as the most popular or best WWE talent that ever existed. In fact, many are against him being in the WWE Hall of Fame at all. He might go down as what many call the measuring stick for who goes into the Hall. The expression, “If Koko can get in, why not(insert name here)”

It is not the best legacy to have after your career is over, but it is one that he now possesses. One thing Koko did really before many others was to actually sing his own theme music. In fact, the song was highly successful and part of WWE’s album known as “Piledriver.” The 80’s were a weird time, guys.

Called appropriately “Bird, Bird, Bird” Koko would come out with his signature bird Franky by his side every time he faced off with people to his signature song.

The bird was kind of a movement song, where he would ask people to “do the bird” with him. It was kind of weird, but again, this was a very different time when trends like this were quite popular.

The song was beloved by people at the time and Koko actually had some good popularity with kids. He had some good athletic ability, and while he is not well liked by many today, Koko was liked by many in the 80’s where he had most of his success.

Many do not know that Koko very well could have helped to start the entire movement of wrestlers singing their own theme song, as he was one of if not the first to ever do it. Sadly, he is not well known for doing so today, which is kind of ironic.

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