5 WWE Superstars who are known for being straight edge

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Alcohol has always been an integral part of the wrestling business.

This list is not going to look at those wrestlers who like to get drunk. Instead, we are going to list out the professional wrestlers who like to stay away from alcohol. There are some surprising names in there and just for the record; the list does not have John Cena.

#6 Honorable Mention: Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan does not drink alcohol. Also, the flying goat has a spot in the Wikipedia page for teetotalers along with some other names in this list.

#5 Owen Hart

Owen Hart
Owen Hart

“He didn’t drink, disdained drugs, and was the only guy in the company who went out less than I did. He truly loved his wife and kids, Oje and Athena, and his face used to light up when he spoke of them, which was often. He spoke of simple pleasures, like hot chocolate on a porch swing with his wife and planning Disney vacations for his family,” This is what Mick Foley wrote about Owen Hart.

While Bret Hart was known to be a serious man both outside and inside the ring, his brother was the exact opposite. Owen had a reputation for being a great prankster and at the same time, it was hard for his co-workers to hate him.

Owen loved his family. The way in which he stayed away from all those pit holes in the wrestling business still makes him stand out from the rest.

#4 Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler
Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler had a celebrated career in the Memphis territory and is one of the iconic commentators in WWE history. But one thing that we often miss about Jerry Lawler is his drinking habits. The King does not like plunging into alcohol and is really proud about the same. He has mentioned this in many DVDs.

In short, Lawler is like an older version of CM Punk (we’ll see him soon) when it comes to drinking habits. With his association with the wrestling business almost in its climax, it would be a big miracle if Lawler decides to start drinking.

#3 Mick Foley

Mick Foley
Mick Foley

Mick Foley’s autobiographies have given us a great insight into his personal life. Foley is a great family guy just like Owen Hart and does not like going out much. In fact, Mick Foley only goes out around a dozen times per year. And when it comes to drinking, Foley likes to stay clean.

He keeps his distance from drinks whenever possible. If you are so desperate to see Foley getting drunk, check out the documentary called ‘The Loved one’ which Foley made during his college days. After this documentary, Foley has been keeping an excellent hold of himself when it comes to the case of alcohol.

#2 CM Punk

CM Punk
CM Punk

If you thought that CM Punk’s straight edge principles were just part of his wrestling gimmick, think again. The guy is a firm follower of the Straight Edge principles in real life.

Tthe absence of alcohol in his life is good enough to earn him a spot in the list. Also, Punk had the courage to portray the same as his gimmick.

#1 Triple H

Triple H
Triple H

Although you would expect Triple H to be an alcoholic due to his association with the Kliq, Hunter is clean. Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair have mentioned about Hunter’s refusal to take alcohol in their autobiographies. Also, Hunter himself has said on live television that he does not drink.

Even Kevin Nash went on to say in interviews about the same. Hunter was pointed out to be the person who got his friends out of jail and he had to be clean for doing so. With a lot of responsibilities and a family to look after now, the chances of Hunter developing a drinking habit in the future are pretty low.

His discipline has led to 14 World titles, 5 IC titles and 3 Tag Team title reigns among many others.

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