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Top 5 factors that work in NXT

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NXT has long been in the shadows of the main roster until they finally got a slot of their own on the WWE network. They have consistently proved that WWE’s future is in good hands and there are many superstars, divas and gimmicks that the fans will support.It has been mentioned many times by many fans who know about or watch NXT that the oen hour show is better than the main roster shows.Here are the five factors that work in NXT’s favor.

#1 The Main Event Picture

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The main event picture in NXT is about the NXT Championship and that’s the biggest prize that NXT has to give any of its male performers.

The picture has consistently had great matches, promising developments and it has had many potentially great performers vying for it. That does not mean that they have a bright future in the WWE.Bo Dallas is still trying to find his way through the main roster.

Right now the biggest and best feud taking place is in this picture between Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville.

As far as last night, Zayn will get a final shot at the title. And it seems he might win it, and Neville might move to the main roster. That’s a high possibility.

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