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Top 5 funniest superstars in WWE today

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There are ample amounts of superstars and divas in the WWE who can get a laugh out of the audinece, intentionally or unintentionally. It is an art to get the desired reaction be it tension, annoyance or laughter. Usually, the ones who get the task to be funny end up being jobbers or never really get to be a main event talent.But this list consists of a jobber and a couple of superstars who can really, maybe make a transition into the main event scene some day.Here are the top 5 funniest men in WWE today

#1 Damien Sandow

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He is undoubtedly the funniest superstar in the WWE. Damien Sandow really dedicates himself to all his gimmicks. Just when you thought that his career is over after SuperCena trampled his Money In The Bank opportunity, he has made a comeback through the most unlikely way. 

Sandow’s first stint with the WWE was as Idol Stevens, which did not really click with the audience. He left for the Independent Circuit thereafter and after a few years came back to the WWE as the Intellectual Savior of the Masses. That gimmick worked but the WWE never really utilised to its full potential. Then came a flurry of one-night gimmicks and then came Damien Mizdow.

He has gotten over solely on the basis of copying Miz. He’s better at being The Miz than Miz. 

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