US at Tokyo Olympics 2020: How many gold medals can America win?

Simone Biles is one of the athletes expected to win numerous gold medals
Simone Biles is one of the athletes expected to win numerous gold medals
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The US at Tokyo Olympics 2020 will be sending around 629 athletes to the Summer Games, which will start on 23 July and end on 8 August 2021. Team US have always largely been considered favorites at the Summer Games.

This US team at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 will be no different. However, while 130 US athletes will participate in the Track and Field event, only two athletes will participate in the Artistic Swimming event for Team USA.

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US AT Tokyo Olympics 2020: America to win fewer medals than Rio Games 2016

As always, the US at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 is predicted to top the medals table, winning a whopping 43 gold medals. According to sports data analysis firm Gracenote, America is predicted to win 114 medals. Team US at Tokyo Olympics 2020 is likely to lead with 43 gold, 30 silver and 41 bronze.

However, the US is expected to win fewer medals overall than they won at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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Around 554 US athletes β€” 263 men and 291 women β€” participated at the Rio Olympics in 2016. Michael Phelps was the flag-bearer at the opening ceremony, while Simone Biles was at the closing ceremony. The US won 121 medals at Rio β€” 46 gold, 37 silver and 38 bronze, and topped the medals tables.

Team US had also topped the medals table at the 2012 London Olympics as well.

Medals predictions: China, Russia to follow the US

One of the US' biggest rivals, China, is expected to win 85 medals β€” 38 gold, 23 silver and 24 bronze. Russian athletes are banned from competing under their country's name, flag and national anthem at any major sporting events until December 2022 due to the ongoing suspension for doping offenses.

As a result, Russian athletes will compete under the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC).

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Russian Olympic Committee's athletes are expected to win 56 medals β€” 23 gold, 24 silver and 26 bronze.

United States: 114 medals β€” 43 gold, 30 silver, 31 bronze.

China: 85 medals β€” 38 gold, 23 silver, 24 bronze.

ROC: 73 medals β€”23 gold, 24 silver, 26 bronze.

Japan: 59 medals β€” 34 gold, 16 silver, 9 bronze.

The Netherlands: 46 medals β€” 16 gold, 16 silver, 14 bronze.

France: 41 medals β€” 9 gold, 13 silver, 19 bronze.

Australia: 40 medals β€” 12 gold, 13 silver, 15 bronze.

Great Britain: 36 medals β€” 11 gold, 12 silver, 13 bronze.

Germany: 34 medals β€” 11 gold, 11 silver, 12 bronze.

Italy: 33 medals β€” 8 gold, 10 silver, 15 bronze.

Great Britain, who finished second in the medals table at the 2016 Rio Olympics, is expected to drop to eighth position in the medals table behind China, ROC, Japan, the Netherlands, France and Australia.

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Although, Japan recently backed off from the initial prediction of a higher number of gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics.

The president of the Japanese Olympic Committee Yasuhiro Yamashita mentioned that the Japanese contingent had expected a tally of 30 gold medals before the pandemic hit. But with recent conditions in mind, that was no longer a practical goal.

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Speaking to AP, Yasuhiro Yamashita said:

"In regard to whether it’s important to achieve 30 (gold) medals, I would have to answer clearly β€˜no. I think it is a common understanding (at the Japanese Olympic Committee) that we want to have each athlete be able to do their best and do their utmost."

Earlier, according to Gracenote, Japan was expected to win a total of 59 medals β€” a 40 percent improvement from the 2016 Rio Olympics. The Netherlands is predicted to win around 46 medals at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

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