China Women's Hockey Team


The China Women’s hockey team represents the People Republic of China in international field hockey competitions. They are ranked 8th in the World FIH rankings.


The women’s hockey team was established in the late 1980s and has been fairly successful since then. The hockey team is governed by Chinese Field Hockey Association.

Their first major tournament was the 1989 Asia Cup, where they emerged as winners and won the gold medal.


Regulars in the World Cup since 1990, they are however yet to get some major silverware. Their best finish has been in the 1990 World Cup where they finished 3rd, winning the bronze medal.


The current squad is managed by Julia Walter and the head coach is Jamilon Mulders. The squad is as follows:-

2. Gu Bingfeng (CAP)

3. Song Xiaoming

7. Cui Qiuxia (CAP)

9. Xu Wenyu

10. Peng Yang

12. Guo Qiu

16. Ou Zixia (CAP)

17. Yong Jing

19. Zhang Xiaoxue

20. He Jiangxin

21. Liu Meng

22. Chen Yi (GK)

24. Wang Shumin

26. Chen Yang

27. Tu Yidan

28. Wu Qiong

31. Zhong Jiaqi

32. Ye Jiao

They are drawn alongside Netherlands, Italy, and South Korea in Pool A of the 2018 World Cup.

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