A few weeks ago a mysterious group made their debut on WWE Raw. Within the faction, all the members were dressed in black with black masks on. Since their appearance, everyone has been trying to guess the identity of the members. This group has been called Retribution and WWE has been trying everything in their power to hide the identity of the members.

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Since the group appeared on SmackDown and started destroying everything in their path, social media has been in a frenzy, trying to guess the identities of the members of the group.


Retribution is a newly formed wrestling group and has just made a few appearances in WWE. The members have not competed in matches yet but have been vandalizing the ring and attacking wrestlers and audience members at random.


WWE has done very well in hiding the identity of the members. However, because a female audience member was attacked at ringside, WWE has had to admit that one member of the faction was female.

People have speculated that the superstar was Vanessa Borne and fans have additionally guessed that others like Tommaso Clampa and Dominik Dijakovic could also be a part of the stable.

Unfortunately for WWE fans, the people who were under the masks may not be the members who will finally play the characters after their masks are removed.

It is only a matter of time before the members of Retribution are unmasked and inserted into storylines.

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