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Tasmania Women's Cricket


Maisy Gibson All-rounder - 23
Katelyn Fryett Bowler Right Arm Fast Seam 27
Courtney Webb All-rounder Right Handed 20
Emma Thompson Batsman Right Handed 29
Stefanie Daffara Bowler Right Arm Medium Seam 24
Samantha Bates Bowler Left Arm Orthodox 27
Nicola Carey Bowler Right Arm Medium Seam 26
Sasha Maloney All-rounder Right Handed 27
Emily Smith Wicket Keeper Right Handed 24
Erin Fazackerley All-rounder Right Handed 21
Brooke Hepburn Bowler Right Arm Medium Seam 29
Emma Manix-Geeves Wicket Keeper Right Handed 19
Belinda Vakarewa Bowler Right Arm Fast Seam 19
Meg Phillips Batsman Right Handed 23
Corinne Hall All-rounder Right Handed 32

Tasmanian Tigers, formerly known as Tasmanian Roar, is an Australian women’s domestic cricket team that participates in the Women’s National Cricket League annually. The Tigers represent the Tasmanian region in the competition. They are one of the seven teams playing in the 2019/20 edition to win the competition and the Ruth Preddey Cup that comes along with it.

The Tigers participated in the tournament for the first time in 2010/11.


They finished third in the 2018/19 tournament.

Club Trajectory

The Tigers have never qualified for the Final of any edition of the tournament. They have finished seventh (last) five times and sixth three times. The only time they finished in the top five was in the 2010/11 when they finished third and narrowly missed the opportunity to play the Final by 2 points. The fact that their latest performance has been their best, some sort of progress can be expected from the Tigers.

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