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SYW 149/10 (36.0 ov)
QUW 150/9 (40.1 ov)
Queensland Fire win by 1 wicket
New South Wales Breakers vs Queensland Fire live score
ACW 218/10 (46.4 ov)
TBA 222/5 (46.0 ov)
Tasmania Women win by 5 wickets
ACT Meteors vs Tasmania Women live score
WAW 270/10 (49.0 ov)
TBA 179/5 (35.5 ov)
Victoria Women need 92 runs to win from 14.1 overs
Western Fury vs Victoria Women live score
Victoria Women
South Australian Scorpions
Starts 22 Sep, 07:00 AM
Victoria Women vs South Australian Scorpions preview
Queensland Fire
ACT Meteors
Starts 23 Sep, 05:00 AM
Queensland Fire vs ACT Meteors preview
Tasmania Women
New South Wales Breakers
Starts 23 Sep, 05:00 AM
Tasmania Women vs New South Wales Breakers preview
Western Fury
South Australian Scorpions
Starts 23 Sep, 07:00 AM
Western Fury vs South Australian Scorpions preview
Tasmania Women
Queensland Fire
Starts 09 Nov, 04:30 AM
Tasmania Women vs Queensland Fire preview

Women's National Cricket League, 2018-19

21 Sep 2018 - 9 Feb 2019

The Women’s National Cricket League is the women’s counterpart of the JLT One-Day Cup, and is similarly the official domestic limited overs cricket competition of Cricket Australia. The winner of the finals is awarded with the Ruth Preddey Cup.

The 2018-19 Women’s National Cricket League will be the 21st edition of the tournament. It commences from 21st September 2018 and is expected to be over by 9th February 2019.


The Women’s National Cricket League was introduced as a replacement for the Australian Women’s Cricket Championships which was held only for a short duration of two weeks since the 1930-31. The first edition of the Women’s National Cricket League was held in the 1996-97 season. The Ruth Preddey Cup was also inherited from the Women’s Cricket Championships, which itself had inherited the trophy in the 1972-73 season.


Similar to the JLT One-Day Cup, the WNCL is played in a single round-robin format followed by the finals series, based on who finishes with the most points in the table.

A win is awarded four points with the losing team getting no points while a tie or a draw results in both the team sharing two points. There is also the system of bonus points where teams are awarded bonus points for having run rate 1.25 times of the opposition.


A total of seven teams participate in the Women’s National Cricket League, all of them being permanent. Initially, the competition only had five teams. Two more teams were added to the tournament - Australian Capital Territory (2009-10) and Tasmania (2010-11), in order to increase the competition and have better representation across the country.

New South Wales Breakers are the most successful team in the history of the WNCL having won 18 titles and will also play the 2018-19 season as the defending champions.


The fixtures along with the venues for the upcoming season haven’t been released as of yet. However, it is expected the competition will be held in the cities of Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Hobart.

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