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New South Wales Breakers Cricket


Erin Burns All-rounder Right Handed 32
Lisa Griffith Bowler Right Arm Medium Seam 28
Anika Learoyd All-rounder Right Handed -
Rachel Trenaman All-rounder Right Handed 19
Saskia Horley All-rounder - 20
Jodie Hicks Bowler Right Arm Medium Seam 33
Stella Campbell Bowler Right Arm Fast Seam 18
Phoebe Litchfield All-rounder - 17
Sarah Aley Bowler Right Arm Medium Seam 36
Lauren Cheatle All-rounder - 22
Tahlia Wilson All-rounder Right Handed 21
Rene Farrell Bowler Right Arm Fast Seam 33
Rachael Haynes All-rounder - 34
Hannah Darlington All-rounder Right Handed 18
Hayley Silver-Holmes All-rounder Right Handed 17
Maddy Darke Wicket Keeper Right Handed 19
Ashleigh Gardner All-rounder Right Handed 23
Alyssa Healy Wicket Keeper Right Handed 30
Naomi Stalenberg All-rounder Right Handed 26
Linsey Smith Bowler Left Arm Orthodox 25
Lauren Smith Bowler Right Arm Off Spin 24

New South Wales Breakers is the most successful Australian women’s domestic cricket team in the 50-over competition called Women’s National Cricket League that occurs annually. As it is evident from the name, it represents the New South Wales state in the competition. It is one of the seven teams that fight it out to win the Ruth Preddey Cup by winning the Final of the 50-over competition.

The New South Wales Breakers team is one of the five teams participating in the competition since the first season way back in 1996/97.


The Breakers have won the title way more number of times than any other team. To be precise, they have won it 20 out of 23 times. They even shared an unbelievable streak of 10 wins from 2005/06 to 2014/15. They currently enjoy a streak of 3 consecutive title wins after the 2018/19 season.

WNCL One Day Final - NSW v QLD

Club Trajectory

They have a trajectory that does has not been matched by any other team in the world probably any other cricketing league. They can boast of utter dominance in the tournament. They started their National Cricket League campaign with six consecutive championship wins.

Victoria Women's Team then interrupted their streak by winning a competition in 2002/03, losing to them in the next Final and again winning it in 2004/05. The Breakers then went on to enjoy their best-ever streak of 10 years as Champions.

They once qualified for the Finals in 2015/16 but lost to South Australia. This was just a blip in their performance on that day, which was proven by them by winning the next three titles. They are surely the team to watch out for in the upcoming 2019/20 edition of the Women’s National Cricket League.

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