5 Astonishing Tennis Shots in the past decade

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Tennis is one of the most unique games which has a possibility of a handful of unbelievable shots being played in every match. There can be brilliant serves, some extraordinary passing shots, few smashing overheads and exquisite returns.

Some shots are etched on the minds of viewers forever, and maybe even the unfortunate opponent. That's excluding the commentators and experts out there!

Yes, the exhibition matches are filled with outrageous and totally carefree shots but when the same happens in competitive matches where tensions are running high it is something special.

There would've been many such shots all along in the rich history of the game and that's why it is so difficult to find the best. So, we're going to go with the most recent moments of magic for our list today. Here are the 5 astonishing shots played in the past decade:

#5. Milos Raonic, Hopman Cup 2014

Milos Raonic not only has the joint 3rd fastest serve to his name, but he also has one of the rarest shots ever played in tennis history. He proved exactly that In the 2014 Hopman Cup. Partnering fellow Canadian Eugenie Bouchard in the mixed doubles rubber, he returned a serve from Andreas Seppi with the backhand.

The ball looped above the head of Bobusic at the net and she managed to get the cue end of the racquet onto it. Surprisingly the ball pitched on Raonic's side of the court with vicious backspin and went back over the net.

But, he wouldn't just give up and decided to reach for the ball with all his might and somehow he just tapped it onto the other side of the net. The most astonishing fact was that he avoided touching the net, twisting, jumping and steering himself towards the left using every muscle possible. Bobusic's reaction tells you the whole story!

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Edited by Nishant Jayaram
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