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VIDEO: Roger Federer Does The Mannequin Challenge

Sohinee Basu
707   //    25 Nov 2016, 18:35 IST
Roger Federer speaks during a Laver Cup media announcement at the St Regis Hotel on August 24, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)
The former World No. 1 was the latest to join the new social media craze

2016 has turned out to be a year interjected by quite a few major disappointments, a number of surprises peppered by several sucess stories – most significantly that of now World No. 1, Andy Murray.

For ardent fans of the Swiss Maestro, Roger Federer, it was a particularl low season, as Federer decided to take a break from tennis post Wimbledon to get back in shape properly for the 2017 season, having struggled with old injuries that have recently resurfaced.

The Swiss’ premature retirement for the 2016 season due to his knee surgery led to him missing out on the ATP World Tour Finals this year.

The tennis world, which has suddenly taken to social media in full swing, and is sportingly taking up several weird as well as immensely funny challenges that are a rage on the web.
The WTA World Tour Finals, in Singapore had the top 8 Women players warm up with the first of the challenges- ‘The Cookie Challenge’, followed by the ATP World Tour Finals, held in London –  where the Top 8 players had the time of their life enacting the Mannequin Challenge.

The man with the long, brown curls couldn’t resist missing out on all the fun and on 23rd November, when he was visiting the ‘Lindt Chocolateria’ in the Swiss city of Kilchberg, he decided to seize the opportunity and go ahead with a challenge that the world is going crazy about- The Mannequin Challenge, organized by Lindt.

Since 2009, Roger Federer has been the Brand Ambassador for the company which inarguably produces the finest Swiss chocolates-Lindt. Having endorsed and promoted Lindt on a frequent basis, the Swiss champ has moulded a soft corner for their range of chocolates in all our hearts.

With his arch-rivals taking part in a challenge, in his absence at the ATP World Tour Finals, the ever-sporty Federer, decided to stop time and make sure that his version of the Mannequin Challenge turns out to be most appealing one.

The video opens in the Lindt factory in Kilchberg, where everyone is in freeze-motion. The Christmas-themed decor is eye-catching and the sight of gooey chocolates in the making, is hard to not make it the most appealing watch.

With a variety of people frozen in different actions- some are taking pictures to others staring and assesing molded and tempered white chocolate to others, all paused, in their flurry of activities in the factory.

The camera shifts focus to the much-loved player , donning the apron of a Lindt Chocolatier, with a whole tray of chocolates on offer, in front of him. Holding his mannequin-posture for a while longer, Federer rolls his eyes and looks up at the camera with the signature grin his fans  miss seeing on the court.

Not being able to resist it anymore and having crossed the necessary 60 seconds required to ensure that the Challenge is succesful, he reaches out and swiftly picks up a chocolate from the tray and puts it in his mouth as the entire bunch of chocolatiers present there, resumes normalcy and cheers at the success of the immensely funny Challenge. 
He uploaded the video on Facebook with a perky caption- “Quite a challenge to stand still with LINDT chocolate in front of me! ;) #MannequinChallenge Lindt Chocolate World“!

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