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Wimbledon 2016 Live Score Updates: Roger Federer beats Marin Cilic 6-7, 4-6, 6-3, 7-6, 6-3 to progress to semi finals

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Roger Federer Wimbledon 2016 Marin Cilic
.The Swiss Maestro is looking for his 18th Grand Slam title

Set 5, Game 8 – Federer serves for the match. And it’s ALL OVER. Roger Federer beats Marin Cilic in godlike fashion tonight.

Set 5, Game 7 – Cilic on serve – and he bottles, massively! Federer takes him to break point, misses, deuce, and it’s break point yet again! And Federer BREAKS! 5-3 in the fifth and Federer will now serve for the match!

Set 5, Game 5 – Federer 3-2 Cilic! The games are getting shorter, then longer. But they’re all incredibly tense, and nobody seems more nervous than Goran Ivanisevic, who won Wimbledon as a wildcard way back when. He’s now here as Marin Cilic's coach - has his hair gone even more silver than a couple of hours ago?

Set 5, Game 4 – Cilic 2-2 Federer.

And despite Cilic going into this with the massively upper hand, Federer’s kept his nerves and how!

Set 5, Game 3 – Federer serves and holds. This is all going a bit routinely but the tension in the air is utterly palpable. 2-1

Set 5, Game 2 – Cilic serves, Cilic holds! 1-1.

Set 5, Game 1 – Roger Federer to serve and Cilic is choking! An unforced error loses Cilic the game and Federer holds for a 1-0 lead.

ROGER FEDERER WINS THE TIEBREAK! Let me repeat that. Roger Federer wins the tiebreak. Saves three match points. And from two sets to love down, he's back. And at two sets all, there’ll be a fifth. Mammoth play from both, and a display of Federer’s nerves of steel.

This tiebreak is a WHOPPER and a half. Tiebreak. And match point. And set point Federer. And match point Cilic. And now, at 9-9, they’re at a tiebreak IN a tiebreak.

Set 4, Game 12 – Federer serves and the tense atmosphere is palpable. And again Cilic takes Federer to match point. And again, Federer’s old school game comes out. A classy ace from the Swiss takes the pair to a fourth set tiebreak! 6-6

Set 4, Game 11 - Cilic serves - and some of the longest rallies of the match being played! Some cracking shots from both players; Cilic rushing the net, Federer stretching his body to its limits. Whatever the outcome today, it’s been a mammoth display of tennis. Cilic holds for 6-5 in a tense match to end a beautiful rally.

Set 4, Game 10 – Federer serves and Cilic looked set to take the match right there. He had match point – and Federer HOLDS! Scores at 5-5 as Federer hits some wonderful aces.

Set 4, Game 9 – Cilic serves! Federer really needs to break – he’s behind on serve and if he doesn’t break Cilic soon, this is the match done for him. It’s all looking a bit grim now... Cilic holds for a 5-4 lead!

Set 4, Game 8 – Federer serves. Once he holds this, he needs a break, and he needs it badly. Cilic isn’t too accurate with his shots now and hes patchy and all over the place suddenly, sending shots wide. Federer takes advantage of that and knocks a fast winner to equalize at 4-4.

Set 4, Game 7 - Cilic serves and holds! His serves are speedy and strong and he takes that game quickly to take a 4-3 lead.

Set 4, Game 6 – Federer serves and they’re getting faster and faster now! He’s also hittting more winners; Federer’s also played a less error-strewn game today and holds for 3-3.

Set 4, Game 5 – Cilic on serve and Roger Federer’s still looking in control. Some really classic Federer shots from the old days are making an appearance, and the placement is as perfect as ever. Cilic holds for a 3-2 lead.

Set 4, Game 4 – Federer on serve and although both players are playing some erroneous shots today, Federer's held for 2-2!

Set 4, Game 3 – Cilic serves and quickly wins that game – nothing appeared to be going Federer’s way there. He’s raced away to 2-1 in that game...

Set 4, Game 2 – Federer serves and he’s really getting across court today! Cilic is unable to return those winners and he holds for 1-1!

Set 4, Game 1 – Cilic to serve. Federer’s wresting control back – and he’s using Cilic’s own powerful serve against him. Despite a couple of unforced errors, Cilic manages to hold for 1-0 in the fourth.

Set 3, Game 9 – Federer is serving for the set – and that’s a tense game indeed! He starts it off with an ace and there’s a renewed energy in the Swiss today. He consolidates on his break to win the game and the SET! Federer wins the third set 6-3!

Set 3, Game 8 – Cilic serves but it’s Federer who’s racing to break point! He’s brought out the aces today – 17 to Federer's 11 in this match. Andnow he's turned it around to be at game point. But the Swiss holds on...he’s outstretched his entire body to combat that serve from Cilic and HE BREAKS! Federer leads 5-3 in the third.

Set 3, Game 7 – Federer serves and that’s a fabulous hold from the Swiss! A brilliant performance helps him stave off what seemed like a break point gives Federer a 4-3 lead.

Set 3, Game 6 – Cilic serves and he’s powerful and how! Federer has brought out some of his classics – including his drop shot, which Cilic tried earlier to not as much success. He’s getting the points, but Cilic is just better today. He puts away another winner to equalize 3-3!

Set 3, Game 5 – Federer serves and although he’s holding, it’s getting a bit dire for the Swiss here on Centre Court. He needs to win 60% of his second serves. It’s unforced errors from Cilic that are keeping him in...Federer leads 3-2!

Set 3, Game 4 – Cilic serves and although Federer’s looking strong, two unforced errors from the Swiss give Cilic his hold. Scorelines at 2-2 in the third. Can Federer force a fourth set?

Set 3, Game 3 – Federer serves, but straightaway, Cilic is on his case and looking to hit him all around! Federer’s hanging in this by a thread, it seems like at the moment.  He’s held for a 2-1 lead.

Set 3, Game 2 – Cilic serves, and two aces quickly help him race to 1-1 in the third!

Set 3, Game 1 – Roger Federer to serve and he’s hitting the winners all over the place! He’s held for 1-0.

Second set to Marin Cilic, Cilic 2-0 Federer

Set 2, Game 19 – Cilic serves and Federer needs to win this to stay in the set. Straightaway, it's errors from both players – and one of them takes the game away from Federer....and the set! Marin Cilic wins the set 6-4 and he’s now up two sets to love.

Set 2, Game 9 – Federer serves and although he’s been better in set 2 than he was in set 1 – and better than Cilic in terms of holding his first serve, it’s all a bit grim. He’s held for 5-4 to Cilic.

Set 2, Game 8 – Cilic serves and it’s winners galore from the Croat! A beautiful volley there, and Cilic holds for a 5-3 lead!

Set 2, Game 7 – Federer serves! Cilic’s service has been faster than the Swiss’, but a couple of errors from the Croat mean that Federer seals that game. Cilic leads Federer 4-3!

Set 2, Game 6 – Cilic serves. Federer has more winners in this set than Cilic does, but he’s down a break and hasn’t been able to break back yet. Federer’s second serve isn’t looking too good and Cilic has him under his thumb...for now!

Set 2, Game 5 – Federer serves and finally, he holds! Now it’s Cilic’s turn to rain aces on court and he’s leading 3-2!

Set 2, Game 4  – Cilic on serve and Federer’s still looking competitive. He’s got an opportunity to break Cilic back – and unfortunately, he’s squandered it! Cilic builds on the break to take a 3-1 lead.

Set 2, Game 3 – Federer serves and it’s all over the place! There are some beautiful forehands there but really not Federer’s best, and Cilic races to break point!

Cilic gets the break! He leads 2-1.

Set 2, Game 2 – Cilic to serve and he’s attacking right back now! That set win has given him the momentum he needs, and Federer’s seriously looking on the defensive!

Set 2, Game 1 – Federer’s looking strong, but being a set down won’t do wonders for his motivaiton. He’s still attacking Cilic and there has been no break of serve yet, but

FIRST SET Marin Cilic 7-6! Cilic leads 1-0

Set point for Cilic....and he's done it! First set to Marin Cilic, 7-6!

Cilic leads 5-1 in the Tie-break!

Set 1, Game 11 – Cilic serves and he holds easily it is 6-5 now!

Set 1, Game 10 – Federer serves and he’s decided to rain aces on court! He plays a near-flawless game that he closes out with an ace. Scores level at 5-5, with 6 aces for Federer to Cilic’s 3!

Set 1, Game 9 – Cilic on serve and there’s a beautiful shot from Roger Federer, who turns 180 degrees to hit that one right back! A brilliant point from the Swiss – and yet another one from Cilic himself. He holds serve to lead 5-4 and has been better than Federer on his first serves so far!

Set 1, Game 8Federer serves and how! With two aces in this game, he wins it easily. Time for a racquet change now, with the pair at 4-4!

Set 1, Game 7 – Cilic serves! The two are moving around court quite quickly and Federer’s forehand is making a whopper of an appearance here on court. He’s 7 years older than his rival, but the Swiss has Cilic huffing and puffing as he waits around on court. Still, Cilic manages to keep that game and leads 4-3!

Set 1, Game 6 – Federer serves and the energy is back! The Swiss has Cilic testing his athleticism as he sends him running across the court. And faster than before, it’s game Federer! The pair are level at 3-3.

Set 1, Game 5 – Cilic serves and Federer’s combating him fiercely this time! He almost takes him to break point, leading him 40-15 – and then squanders it. Cilic holds to lead 3-2!

Set 1, Game 4 – Federer to serve and he’s back! Althoughthere have been a few unforced errors from the Swiss that have seemed quite out of place, he’s taken yet another service game quite easily and the pair are level at 2-2!

Set 1, Game 3 – Cilic serves and he’s looking self-assured already! Federer’s hitting shots long and uncharacteristically out. Normally precise with his shot placement, he's looking a little patchy today. Cilic stays in it and it’s Cilic 2-1 Federer with the Croat on serve.

Set 1, Game 2 – Federer serves and takes an easy first service game without conceding a single point! Federer 1-1 Cilic

Set 1, Game 1 – It’s Marin Cilic to serve, and two errors from Federer mean Cilic goes to 30-0; he’s now at game point – and it’s GAME CILIC! Cilic leads 1-0 in the first set.

Pascal Maria of France is today’s chair umpire. Federer leads Cilic 5-1 in the pair’s head-to-head, but the last time the two played was at a Grand Slam – one that Cilic went on to win! Can Federer win again today, and get one step closer to winning that elusive eighteenth Grand Slam?

It’s been four years since Federer won a slam – and he has more than any male player in the sport. Elsewhere, Serena Williams is hoping to match an all-time record as well.

PLAYERS ON COURT! Roger Federer is walking out on court with Marin Cilic and Federer has a smile on his face ahead of today’s quarterfinal.

We’ve raced to the quarterfinals at Wimbledon 2016 and it’s seven-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer who is up first in the final eight, taking on big-serving Marin Cilic of Croatia. Federer is considered the greatest player of all-time, and has shown his mastery of grass courts repeatedly. With seven titles at the All-England Tennis and Croquet Club, Federer is tied with Pete Sampras and William Renshaw for the most men’s singles titles here. His rival today, Cilic, is at 27 younger than him, but has never progressed beyond the quarter-finals at Wimbledon, a feat he has achieved now for the third year in a row.

Federer is the reigning runner-up at the tournament, losing to Novak Djokovic in the finals last year. The World No. 1 tumbled out of the tournament this year in a shock upset to American player Sam Querrey, who stretched the top seed to four sets in a rain-interrupted encounter that was eventually played over two days, with Querrey leading two sets to love at the close of the first day of play.

The pair have met each other 6 times in the past on the professional circuit, but it is Federer who has come out on top on 5 of those occasions. They have played each other twice before at the Grand Slam level, both times at the US Open – once in 2011, with Federer taking victory, and the second at the semi-finals in 2014. Federer will likely not be particularly troubled against the Croat; it is Djokovic who has appeared to struggle against the big servers this season, while the Swiss is yet to drop a set en route to the semi-finals.

Should he win today’s quarter-final, Federer will progress to the semifinal for a record 11th time. He currently holds the highest number of grand slam titles of any male tennis player with 17, and today is looking to widen his lead over Novak Djokovic to find his 18th Slam.

Djokovic recently won the French Open for the first time after having struggled on the clay courts at Roland Garros in the past, but this Wimbledon the defending champion looked listless and tired in his match against Querrey, devoid of his usual energy.

Federer, for his part, has come back after a French Open withdrawal and surgery on his back and put on a masterclass for spectators on centre court. The Swiss famously said ahead of the tournament that he was now doing “everything I do for the love of the game. It is okay if I win titles, if I do not win titles,” but it is clear from his play that he is still coveting them and is able to put up a contest every bit as well-rounded as any competitor’s.

Cilic has performed fairly well this year too, although he struggled against Sergiy Stakhovsky early on in his 2016 Wimbledon title campaign; the Croat played Japanese 5th seed Kei Nishikori in the Round of 16,  and although he had looked then to have the significant upper hand, it was revealed that Nishikori was suffering from both injury and fatigue.

The much-awaited opening quarter-final match will begin at 5:30 pm IST today.

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