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Novak Djokovic says he is looking forward to beating Federer's Grand Slam tally

1.78K   //    30 Sep 2015, 16:31 IST
Djokovic wants to play for as long as possible

10-time Grand slam winner Novak Djokovic, who this year was champion at the Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open, has said he is looking forward to taking on Roger Federer’s tally of 17 Grand Slams. “I would not be truthful to you if I would say I’m not thinking about it. Of course I am,” said the US Open winner recently.

Djokovic, who became only the eighth man in history to get to double digits in Grand Slams, said he might not attain the status that the Swiss Maestro has achieved in terms of the fan following the Swiss enjoys, but if he keeps his body in good shape he can have a shot at the 17 titles. 

“If I keep taking care of my body and have this kind of a mindset where I keep the same lifestyle, I think it will give me longevity, and if it gives me longevity, I think I have a fair chance to fight for a few more grand slams,” Djokovic said. “Will I have longevity like Federer or Serena Wiliams? It’s kind of a game to me now. kind of a quest, seeing how far I can go."

Federer has not won a title since his Wimbledon win in 2012, and is now 34-years-old but has still had a formidable record this year, with 51 wins this year and only eight losses. The Swiss is the closest competitor to Djokovic, who has 63 wins and only five losses. 

The Serbian ace, known for his agility and mental strength, said it was hard to overcome the crowd at the Billie Jean King National Centre who were rooting for Federer by shouting his own name in his head to quell the chants of “Federer! Federer!”.

“What I was actually doing was trying to play a mind game with myself,” he said in an interview to the New York Times. “They would scream, ‘Roger!’ and I would imagine they were screaming, ‘Novak!’ ”  

Djokovic went on to add that he had to take care of his body so that he could extend his longevity in the game, so as to pursue Federer’s record. “I’m 28. I have always valued the care for my body, and my mind and had this holistic approach to life.” he said. “I always thought this is utmost importance for my tennis. I will continue on with the same kind of lifestyle, same kind of approach. “Hopefully this kind of approach will give me longevity and that I can have many more years to come, many more opportunities to fight for these trophies.”