Carlos Alcaraz showcases stunning physical growth in shirtless photoshoot, says he does not want to be known as "Rafa Nadal's successor"

Carlos Alcaraz shows off his body in a recent photoshoot
Carlos Alcaraz shows off his body in a recent photoshoot

Carlos Alcaraz, 18, has taken the tennis world by storm in recent months, transforming from an upcoming star to a player ready to win big titles, as evidenced by his recent Rio Open triumph.

The Spaniard has also transformed in another way. Often compared to countryman Rafael Nadal, Alcaraz has grown from a scrawny kid to a physical specimen worthy of challenging the brawn of the Mallorcan muscleman.

The teenager showcased his immense physical development in a recent photoshoot for Men's Health Spain magazine, appearing on the cover page. Alcaraz, who became the youngest cover star in the magazine's 20-year history in Spain, also gave a brief interview during the photoshoot.

Alcaraz stressed that he does not want to be regarded as "Nadal's successor" but rather wants his name to stand out on its own merit.

"I don't feel anyone's replacement," Carlos Alcaraz said. "I want to be known as Carlos Alcaraz and not as Rafa Nadal's successor. I want my name to be learned."

The Rio Open champion also explained why he considers tennis a "purely mental" sport, highlighting how, as a player, you need to fend for yourself on the court.

"For me, tennis is purely mental. In the end, you are alone there on the track, and it is you and only you who have to know how to overcome and find solutions," said the teenager.

"I want those who know me to continue calling me Carlitos" - Carlos Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz at the 2022 Rio Open
Carlos Alcaraz at the 2022 Rio Open

Carlos Alcaraz is endearingly called Carlitos by some of his near and dear ones. Adding the suffix 'itos' literally means that the person is diminutive but, over the years, has become a term of endearment.

Despite bulking up tremendously and transforming into a physical specimen, the teenager does not want people to stop calling him Carlitos. He explained that he wants people to continue to view him as the "boy" he has always been.

"I want those who know me to continue calling me Carlitos because that's how they have always called me," Alcaraz said. "I don't want me to be called Carlos suddenly because I grew up or because I'm a tennis player. I want you never to stop seeing me as the boy I've always been."

The teenager explained how he keeps his feet grounded despite enormous success. Alcaraz revealed that he places more importance on growing as a human being than as a tennis player.

"I have always kept in mind that the first thing you have to be is a person, and then already an athlete. It's a motto that helps me keep my head cold and my feet on the ground no matter what happens," said the tennis player from El Palmar.

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