Every time I've asked Rafael Nadal for a charity contribution, he has said yes: Renowned French journalist

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal

One of the most renowned and well-respected French sports journalist of all time - Nelson Monfort - has given a glowing account of Rafael Nadal’s immensely charitable nature.

The Frenchman is well-acquainted with Nadal, having interviewed him for well over a decade in addition to hosting multiple charity evenings for the Mallorcan. In an interaction with Court Circuit, Monfort spoke about several topics pertaining to the history of Roland Garros, where naturally Rafael Nadal's name came up too.

The 67-year-old began by giving his opinion about Rafael Nadal’s record of 13 French Open titles, expressing confidence that it will stand the test of time.

“I know that records are meant to be broken but well this one I don't think that this will come close to beating,” Monfort said.

Moving on to Rafael Nadal’s benevolent nature, Monfort recalled an instant where the World No. 2 gifted all his kit-bags to a sick child (Monfort didn't name the tournament or year). The Frenchman however was most impressed by the fact that Nadal did this in the absence of any members of the press.

“Rafa gave away his bags to a sick child, while no camera were there to film anything,” Monfort said.
Nelson Monfort lauds Rafael Nadal's charitable nature
Nelson Monfort lauds Rafael Nadal's charitable nature

Nelson Monfort continued in his praise of Nadal, claiming that the Mallorcan was the most charitable athlete he had come across during his career. The Frenchman revealed that Rafael Nadal had never declined to help for any charitable cause, and that he always responded to his requests promptly.

"Every time I've asked him for charity actions, he said yes,” Monfort said. “There are not 50 athletes to whom I can ask that, and above all, who answer within 5 minutes. I said it well, within 5 minutes."

Rafael Nadal has a long history of charitable and benevolent acts

Rafael Nadal has always lent a hand to those in need
Rafael Nadal has always lent a hand to those in need

Rafael Nadal’s foundation and academy have frequently come to the aid of those in need, especially in Spain.

To combat the ill-effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Rafael Nadal had joined hands with Pau Gasol in June to help raise upwards of € 14 million. The proceeds in their entirety were directed towards the people suffering from the effects of the deadly virus.

The Rafa Nadal Foundation also recently pledged to support the Food Bank of Mallorca to help them in their quest to feed the hungry. The Spaniard’s foundation announced that it would aim to collect 3,000 kg of food to support 25,000 individuals in Mallorca.

Back in 2018, when floods devastated his native Mallorca, Rafael Nadal played a huge hand in restoring the lives of people as well as the operations of the region. Besides a financial aid of €1 million, Nadal also opened the doors of his Academy to house the victims of the flood.

The 13-time French Open champion was also photographed lending his hand in the cleaning up process once the flood waters had receded.

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