"His team could have called too" - Andy Roddick calls out former US President Donald Trump over comments on witnesses in Hush Money case

Andy Roddick (L), Donald Trump (Source: Getty)
Andy Roddick (L), Donald Trump (Source: Getty)

Andy Roddick recently called out former US President Donald Trump over his statements outside the courthouse after the trial on Wednesday. Trump faces 34 felony charges for allegedly falsifying business records.

As Trump's Hush Money trial nears its end, the former president gave his statement after the trial ended for the day. He complained that many key witnesses, who may have supported him, were not called to take their stand.

“A lot of key witnesses were not called. Look at your list. Look at the players, and you know who I’m talking about. You can take five or six of them. Why didn’t they call those witnesses? They didn’t call them because they would have been on our side, and it’s a shame," Donald Trump said (via The New Republic).

He also brought attention to one witness who according to him has been suffering greatly. He did not reveal the identity of the said witness.

"And in particular, one witness, who’s now suffering greatly because of what’s happened, because of the viciousness of these thugs. They’re vicious people, what they’ve done to that person, and you know who I’m talking about,” Trump said.

This caught Roddick's eye, who said the former president's defense team could have called the necessary witnesses themselves.

"Who’s gonna tell him that his team could’ve called all of the witnesses too?" Roddick wrote in response to Trump's remarks.

Andy Roddick - "Easier to play the victim and whine"

Andy Roddick at the 2012 US Open
Andy Roddick at the 2012 US Open

Andy Roddick engaged in a debate about former President Trump's statements about witnesses not being called to give their statements. A user sided with Trump and said that the trial has been strange as many witnesses were not allowed to be called.

"Unfortunately a lot of witnesses weren't allowed to be called. It's definitely been a very strange trial on all sides to say the least," a user said.

Roddick urged the user to be more specific as to which witnesses were not called.

"Which witnesses? Be specific," Roddick questioned.

Another user explained:

A judge can exclude a witness if their testimony is deemed irrelevant, redundant, or if it involves hearsay that doesn't meet legal exceptions. But this all must be based on legal reasoning and applicable laws, not personal bias or pretext," another fan explained.

To this, the American said that Trump either already knows about this or did not care.

"He either already knows this or doesn’t care. Easier to play the victim and whine to a base that also knows or doesn’t care ….." Roddick replied.
Source- Andy Roddick's X handle
Source- Andy Roddick's X handle

Andy Roddick retired from tennis in 2012. He won the US Open in 2003.

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