"Hope she finds a coach who speaks and treats her with respect" - Pam Shriver unhappy with Elena Rybakina's coach's behavior

Elena Rybakina
Elena Rybakina's coach Stefano Vukov [inset] has drawn criticism due to his poor courtside behavior.

Pam Shriver, a 22-time doubles Major champion, voiced her displeasure towards Elena Rybakina's coach Stefano Vukov during the Australian Open final on Saturday. Shriver believes Rybakina should steer clear of Vukov given how poorly he treats her during matches.

Vukov's courtside behavior and aggressive coaching style has drawn a lot of flak from all quarters in recent days. He was repeatedly spotted screaming at his ward during her semi-final clash against Victoria Azarenka on Thursday.

The Croatian continued his antics during Saturday's final against Aryna Sabalenka (which is tied at one set all at the time of writing), constantly screaming and voicing his opinion loudly, which many fans felt was disruptive and rude.

Shriver took to social media during the final, stressing that the reigning Wimbledon champion deserves a coach who treats her with respect.

"As I watch Rybakina try to win her second major in 7 months, I hope she finds a coach who speaks and treats her with respect at ALL times and does not ever accept anything less," Pam Shriver wrote on Twitter.

A fan responded to the American, pointing out that Rybakina does not seem to mind her coach's antics.

"Not sure, but it seems that she (Elena Rybakina) is quite happy with him despite some antics," the fan said.

Shriver pointed out that accepting poor behavior towards oneself is "not a good pattern for life."

"Happy with not being treated respectfully… hmmm not a good pattern for life," Shriver said.

"I have to scream out something if she’s off track" - Elena Rybakina's coach Stefano Vukov after the Kazakh beat Victoria Azarenka

Elena Rybakina's coach Stefano Vukov during the 2023 Australian Open
Elena Rybakina's coach Stefano Vukov during the 2023 Australian Open

As mentioned earlier, Stefano Vukov was spotted repeatedly yelling at Elena Rybakina during Thursday's semifinal against Victoria Azarenka. Now that players are allowed to receive on-court coaching, Vukov left no stone unturned in stamping his authority in the harshest way possible.

The Croatian later told foxsports.com.au that he had no choice but to scream at his ward due to the extreme amounts of noise in the stadium.

“There’s 10,000 people out there, to get the attention of the player is definitely not easy and people don’t understand that. I have to scream out something if she’s off track," Vukov said.

Vukov believes he does not cross the line in any manner whatsoever, and that his coaching helps Rybakina stay on track during matches.

“People can interpret that how they want but at the end of the day we’re just doing our job. Coaching is now allowed and she’s using it in the best possible way," he said.
“I think with all the emotions, sometimes the player doesn’t understand which situation of the match they are, which is absolutely normal,” he continued.