"How can this happen in ATP250" - Nicolas Barrientos complains about hotel mistreating his belongings at Napoli Cup

Nicolas Barrientos and his wife mistreated at Napoli Cup
Nicolas Barrientos and his wife mistreated at Napoli Cup

Colombia's Nicolas Barrientos, ranked 62nd in the doubles category, recently shared a horrific experience while playing at the ATP 250 tournament — The Napoli Cup.

Barrientos and his partner Miguel Angel Reyes-Varela of Mexico lost 7-5, 6-2 to Pakistan's Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi and Serbia's Nikola Cacic in the first round yesterday. Upon returning to his hotel, the Colombian found all of his and his wife's belongings thrown out of their hotel room and scattered in the lobby.

In a series of tweets, the 35-year-old lashed out at the tournament organizers for the poor treatment meted out to them. He also revealed that during his match, he was sent an email informing him that his hotel had been changed for a second time since arriving in Italy.

"This filled the cup! How can this happen in an ATP250, not even in a Challenger had it happened to me, well I think it happened to my partner in a Challenger organized by the same company as this 250," Nicolas Barrientos tweeted.
"Napoli ATP250, I arrive at the lobby after playing my match at 5 pm and find all my belongings and my wife's in the lobby, poorly packed, various things lying on the floor," he continued.
"I check my email and see an email that arrived at 4 pm while I was playing, notifying me that I had to change hotels again. They had already changed me once on the second day of my arrival at the tournament," the Colombian wrote.
"I hope the @atptour take measures to prevent players from having to go through these situations. Especially when the same incident is repeated in tournaments organized by the same company," Barrientos added.

This isn't the only issue that the tournament has faced. Having been promoted from Challenger status to the elite tour on a one-year license, the Napoli Cup saw players complaining about poor playing conditions, with photos showing cracks in the surface.

Tournament released a statement before Nicolas Barrientos' episode

Nicolas Barrientos has requested the ATP to intervene
Nicolas Barrientos has requested the ATP to intervene

Even before Nicolas Barrientos' disastrous incident, the Napoli Cup released a statement over the weekend, citing a problem with the material used to build courts and hence, postponing the scheduled qualifying matches.

"Due to problems related to the material used to build courts by a company, world leader of the industry, therefore for reasons independent from the organization, it has become necessary to postpone the tournament qualification matches scheduled for today and tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, to allow the necessary interventions for recovery of the agility of the courts," the statement read.

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