"I have learned to prioritize and protect myself" - Paula Badosa calls time on her 2022 season

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Paula Badosa of Spain fields questions from the media

Paula Badosa took to social media to announce that she will be ending her 2022 season earlier than planned.

The Spanish player recently pulled out during her opening-round match against Victoria Azarenka due to muscle cramping at the Guadalajara Open. The 24-year-old stated that she has learned a lot this year and has come out stronger than before. She also revealed that she learned to prioritize herself and protect herself.

"My 2022 season is over... a year that has passed through all the moments and emotions. Where I've lived from the best experiences to the worst. But where I tried to learn from each of them and especially come out stronger from them (I don't have another) and where I learned to prioritize and protect myself as a person. Where I've made mistakes (never wanting n) and a few right ones too. But through it all, I've never lost the hope or the strength to keep fighting for what I like and want the most," Badosa wrote on Instagram.

She thanked her support system and also showed her appreciation for her loyal fans.

"Despite all this intensity, I feel so lucky to experience all the amazing things I'm experiencing, that I thought I'd never live. It's been a year of many challenges, professional and personal experiences, which I have undoubtedly felt has been the year that I've had the most to learn and mature in giant steps to continue to stay on top," she said.
"Luckily, I have people by my side who support me in each of those moments and walk with me hand in hand, whatever happens (you are the best). And I also have some amazing fans, who are always with me and make me smile reading them (Thank you). And well, I don't want to roll up anymore.. Thank you 2022 for everything you've taught me. 2023 let's see what you have for me... I feel like it See you soon my people," she added.

"I think that on the female side, it is more complicated because the critics say that you are unfocused" - Paula Badosa

Paula Badosa has ended her 2022 season early.
Paula Badosa has ended her 2022 season early.

Paula Badosa took a shot at the media for being much harsher towards female tennis players than their male counterparts. She spoke about the criticism that she has faced while also revealing that there were online threats to go with it.

"There are also threats. In the end, you don't have to pay attention. There are people who are not balanced, they are the ones who have the problem," said Paula Badosa.
"I think that on the female side, it is more complicated because the critics say that you are unfocused. Or if you have some marketing agreement, they tell you that you do not perform in tennis. I don't see that so much on the male side. And there is a part which is more tabloids than sports media. That's why I've taken a step back with that," she added.

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