"I was like, 'Why does he want to practice with me? He's married, I've got a boyfriend'" - When Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi recalled how they ended up together

Steffi Graf (L) and Andre Agassi
Steffi Graf (L) and Andre Agassi

According to an old interview with former Indian player and commentator Vijay Amritraj, Andre Agassi developed a huge crush on Steffi Graf in the early 1990s. The American stated in the interview that he often tried to get in touch with the German legend but was never successful.

Agassi had to move on at first, following which he got married to actress Brooke Shields - a marriage that lasted just two years. The eight-time Grand Slam champion stated that he then sat down and thought about what he really wanted for himself. Even before his divorce with Shields was finalized, he started planning on courting Graf.

"I was taken by Steffi back in the early 90s and futile efforts to get to meet her and talk to her then," Agassi said. "But then we went on with our lives. I got married and spent a few short years in marriage and when I was coming out of it, you sit there and you realize so much about yourself when you live a difficult relationship and you think about what it is you want for your life. So I started to think about this at that stage and it was before Steffi even really knew that I was getting a divorce. So I was trying before she knew I was trying. I was very ahead of the game."

In the same interview with Amritraj, Graf mentioned that she was confused as to why a married man sent her a bouquet of roses and a letter. She revealed that she found out about his divorce after some time and that things then moved quickly for both of them.

"Our coaches set up practice in 1999 and I was like, 'Why does he want to practice with me? He's married, I've got a boyfriend.' It was all a little confusing to me," Steffi Graf said. "But after the practice, I found this beautiful bouquet of roses in my hotel room with a beautiful letter. We had a brief conversation after that where I said that I've got a boyfriend and all I know is that he's married. I had no idea that he's going through a divorce. A few weeks later, I heard about the divorce and understood things a little clearer. It took us a few months, but then, everything went really quick."

"Steffi Graf can still play tennis like she did in her prime" - Sebastian Korda

Steffi Graf during a charity event in 2010.
Steffi Graf during a charity event in 2010.

World No. 45 Sebastian Korda of America had an opportunity to train with Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi a few days ago. During an interview with tennis MAGAZIN, the 22-year-old praised the couple, stating that even at this age Graf played like a professional.

"Andre is a mentor to me. I was allowed to spend a few weeks with him and Steffi. They are incredible as a couple. Steffi can still play tennis like she did in her prime," Korda said.

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