"Patrick Mouratoglou has to take responsibility" - Craig Shapiro on Simona Halep's doping scandal

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Simona Halep with coach Patrick Mouratoglou.

Craig Shapiro, founder and host of The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast, took to social media to comment on Patrick Mouratoglou, whose ward Simona Halep is currently embroiled in a doping scandal.

In the two-minute video post, Shapiro talks about getting to know Mouratoglou closely and having a good relationship with him. However, he stated that if something was given to the former World no 1 that was illegal, Mouratoglou should have known about it and must take responsibility accordingly. However, if the coach is indeed in the dark about it, he must also defend himself.

"If they made a mistake and gave her something inaccurate or illegal, he has to take responsibility for that and just own it. If that didnt happen, he has to acknowledge that and defend himself," Shapiro said.
My thoughts on the coach’s responsibly to respond to the Halep situation

The podcaster referred to Patrick Mouratoglou Academy and his podcast while opining that if a person's name is attached to an entity, they must take charge and make sure that a player, Halep in this instance, is taken care of. He further encouraged the former Wimbledon champion's coach to come out and talk about it.

"If you have done work for a person or an entity and then not given credit, you change the name of academy, to the name of your academy. Yyou change the name of your podcast to the name of your podcast. You change things to let people know who is in charge," he said.
"Former World No 1, that's not who that's supposed to happen to. Patrick, if you're listening, just defend yourself baby. People want to know," he added.

Simona Halep to miss 2022 World Tennis League due to doping suspension

Simona Halep in action at the 2022 US Open.
Simona Halep in action at the 2022 US Open.

Two-time Grand Slam champion Simona Halep is currently facing suspension after failing a doping test. The suspension, which the former World No 1 has vowed to fight, has put a halt to all of her upcoming events, including the World Tennis League scheduled to take place in December in Dubai.

Incidentally, the Romanian recently declared that her 2022 season came to an end following nose surgery last month. She will turn her attention to dealing with the doping scandal.

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