"It's more of me just standing up for other athletes, not just for myself" - Bianca Andreescu on why she countered allegations of fabricating health issues at Canadian Open 

Andreescu took to Instagram to address allegations of faking health problems on court
Andreescu took to Instagram to address allegations of faking health problems on court

Bianca Andreescu advanced to the third round of the Canadian Open with a 6-3, 4-6, 6-3 win over Alize Cornet on Wednesday. Andreescu had earlier overcome breathing problems during her first-round win against Daria Kasatkina of Russia.

The Canadian did not take kindly to comments by some that she was fabricating her health problems on the court, and shared her thoughts on social media on the matter.

During the post-match press conference, the 22-year-old was asked if she was motivated by the kind of responses that she got on social media to counter false allegations.

Andreescu stated that she was standing up for fellow athletes via her retort, adding that she was saddened but not infuriated by the kind of comments that were leveled against her.

"It's more of me just standing up for other athletes as well, not just for myself. But it's just so sad to see comments like that. They don't necessarily go to my head. And I never really speak out about it. But when I do I really hope that I can make a stand in some way and maybe shut them up," said the Canadian.

The 2019 US Open champion had earlier asserted on her Instagram story that she had felt "dizzy and nauseous" during her first-round match and did not intend to distract her opponent in any way.

I love you, B. 💜 @Bandreescu_ let’s fucking goo
"Thanks you to everyone who came out to support tonight. It was electric!! I’ve been seeing some comments/ messages about what happened during my match and wanted to address it," she wrote on her Instagram story.
"I genuinely did not feel good. Dizzy and nauseous. Nothing to do with my back, thankfully but I definitely did not mean to cause any harm/distraction or whatever ppl (people) have been calling it to my opponent or anyone in that matter, " she added. "Try being in our position and see how y’all do. Anyways I’m happy to see another day here in Toronto and I’m feeling much better. See you all tmrw (tomorrow)," the 2019 champion added.

"She deserves it. She's a legend" - Bianca Andreescu on the ovation given to Serena Williams prior to her match

Andreescu celebrates her second-round win in Toronto
Andreescu celebrates her second-round win in Toronto

When asked about the ovation that Serena Williams received following her loss to Belinda Bencic, Andreescu stated that the American legend deserved the overwhelming applause. She also added that it would be tough to see her go.

"She deserves it. She's a legend. She's done so much for the sport and women's tennis. And, it will be tough to see her go," Andreescu stated.

The Canadian also commented that she loved the atmosphere that was generated when Serena took to the court prior to her match and also during the course of her own win.

"It's great. I absolutely love it." she said. "I said after the match I've never played in front of a crowd like this. And same went for 2019. And hopefully they can continue all the tournament."
The Canadian Bianca Andreescu wins the 2019 US Open, beating Serena Williams 6-3 7-5. The new champion. What an incredible player. So good, so intense, so brilliant.

Bianca Andreescu won the 2019 edition of the National Bank Open as Serena Williams retired from the final midway through the first set.

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