"Misogyny in pure form" - Martina Navratilova expresses anger at an article accusing transphobia in swimming

A file photo of Martina Navratilova at a WTA event.

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova came down heavily on an article in an American biweekly magazine after they published a news item on how women's swimming in the United States is transphobic.

The article aimed at the culture created by the sport that acted as a breeding ground for perfect conditions for transphobia to take root and be hostile to trans athletes.

Navratilova appeared to be aghast at how misogynistic the article read and said it was unbelievable that the news piece was given space and nobody cared about female athletes.

"Can’t believe the Nation actually gave the platform for this this kind of piece. Seriously. #misogyny in pure form… seems nobody in that piece gives a crap about females at all. #sciencenotidentity," she tweeted.

This isn't the first time Navratilova has been vocal about her stance regarding transgender women's participation in women's sports. She has always been against the move as she feels transgender athletes have an unfair advantage over women.

Martina Navratilova delighted as World Athletics bars transgender women from female competitions

A file photo of Martina Navratilova at the 2022 US Open.
A file photo of Martina Navratilova at the 2022 US Open.

Martina Navratilova said that the "world is finally waking up and using common sense" after World Athletics, the global governing body for athletics, barred transgender women from participating in female competitions.

Writing for The Sunday Times, Navratilova said she hoped other sports can quickly follow suit.

"It seems the world is finally waking up and using common sense. I just hope other sports can quickly follow suit," the former World No. 1 wrote.

Navratilova added that all efforts should be made to level the playing field and opined that transgender women participating in female categories will not level the field.

"Athletes who are champions are revered for a reason," she added. "They rise above the rest when everything else is equal. Yes, somebody may be taller or naturally stronger, or have more coaching opportunities, but you try to make as level a playing field as you possibly can. But when you change that starting position and do not begin from a level playing field, then it is obviously unfair."

The 18-time Grand Slam winner recently criticized a leading sportswear brand for collaborating with trans influencer and activist Dylan Mulvaney to promote their sports bras.

Incidentally, Navratilova was coached by a trans player, Renee Richards, from 1981 to 1983, and under her tutelage, the Czech–born American won three Grand Slam titles.