"Most kind-hearted guy of all time" - Andre Agassi's former coach Darren Cahill hails American legend for his humanitarian work post-retirement

Darren Cahill sings praises of his former colleague Andre Agassi.
Darren Cahill sings praises of his former colleague Andre Agassi.

Andre Agassi's kindness is second to none, as per his former coach Darren Cahill. While Cahill was among those who played a huge role in helping Agassi scale great heights in tennis, Agassi has in turn enriched many lives outside the tennis world with his humanitarian work post-retirement.

Praising his friend and former colleague for his charitable work over the years through the Andre Agassi Charitable Association, Cahill also stated that it was an honor for him to call a kind-hearted person like Agassi his good friend.

Through his charitable organization, Agassi has opened a large number of charter schools in the United States that provide education to the under-privileged. The eight-time Grand Slam singles champion has also contributed to the Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund, a lifetime endowment fund that has raised large funds for nationwide charter school development.

In light of the same and his close association as Agassi's coach back in the day, former ATP world No. 22 Cahill holds the American tennis great in high regard.

"What he's done since retirement, he's opened over 100 charter schools for kids that can't afford an education in the US," Darren Cahill said of Andre Agassi on a recent episode of The Big Deal podcast.
"He's got an amazing charter school in Las Vegas and if anybody goes to Vegas they should see it, because it is quite remarkable," Cahill added.
"He is, maybe the most kind-hearted guy of all time. So, just to spend some time and talk tennis with him, it's a real honor to be able to say he's a mate of mine."

Under Cahill's tutelage, a 33-year-old Agassi became the then-oldest ever world No. 1 on the ATP tour in 2003. Further reflecting on his fruitful association with Agassi, Cahill revealed that many deemed it a huge risk for the Australian coach to join Agassi's team as they felt that the American's career was on a downward slide.

However, Cahill himself did not see it as a risk as he was simply excited to be able to spend time with Agassi for an initial six-week period before they extended their partnership.

"I didn't start with Andre until he was 32 years of age," Cahill said in reflection. "At the time, he had a wrist injury, and most people thought that he was on a downhill slide in terms of his career and it was a risk. But I never really saw it as a risk."
"To get a chance to spend six weeks with the legend is certainly something I was looking forward to."

"The way his brain works is quite unique" - Darren Cahill on Andre Agassi's tennis IQ

Darren Cahill and Andre Agassi had a successful partnership as coach and player.
Darren Cahill and Andre Agassi had a successful partnership as coach and player.

Darren Cahill also shed light on Andre Agassi's tennis IQ, revealing that he has never met a player who thought about the sport in the manner Agassi did. Cahill, who is also Simona Halep's former coach, said that Agassi analyzed tennis matches and his competitors on tour in a unique manner, and often wanted to know every little detail possible before facing a player.

"He didn't let me down, he was an amazing guy, he still is," continued Cahill, speaking of Andre Agassi.
"The way that he was analyzing the matches, the way his brain works is quite unique and I've never really seen it in another player. He will ask 50 questions about a certain player and about what they do and what their tendencies are."

Agassi himself dabbled in coaching post-retirement, joining Novak Djokovic's team in 2017 for a brief duration, before also working with Grigor Dimitrov. However, he has mostly focused on his humanitarian work since retiring from tennis. The former world No. 1 is also paying keen attention to his son Jaden's career as the youngster aims to make it big as a baseball player.

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