Naomi Osaka starts her Twitch journey with survival horror House of Ashes, jokes that she will not "kill anyone" in the game

Naomi Osaka in action at the Tokyo Olympics
Naomi Osaka in action at the Tokyo Olympics

Four-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka sent gaming fans into a tizzy on Thursday night as she made her debut on popular American video live streaming service Twitch.

The Japanese started her Twitch journey with the survival horror drama, The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes, and had avid gamer Raivoun for company.

Raivoun shared the streaming link on his social media handles with the caption:

"The Adventures of Naochi and E."
The Adventures of Naochi and E

Quoting the tweet, Osaka announced to her fans that she was making her Twitch debut.

"Literally on twitch rn for the first time lolol."
Literally on twitch rn for the first time lolol…

Osaka also shared a snippet on her Instagram story, giving her fans a peek into her gaming setup. The former World No. 1 and her friend Essence were both gaming and looked to be having a gala time during the 48-minute stream.

The Australian Open champion was particularly impressed with the quality of graphics and animation in House of Ashes. Osaka also assured her friends and fans that she would make sure that no character was killed in the game.

"Noone's gonna die because I am a professional gamer," she said on the stream. "I have been watching gamers since I was like 10 years old, so therefore I know how to play the game as well. We are gonna be nice people. We are not going to kill anyone."

Towards the end of the stream, Osaka and her friends announced that they will play the first-person survival horror video game, Outlast, on Friday night.

Given House of Ashes was the 24-year-old tennis ace's introduction to Twitch streaming, tweets poured in from fans of the game. The franchise joined in on the action as well, tweeting: "When Grand Slam champion @naomiosaka chooses #HouseOfAshes for her Twitch stream debut."

When Grand Slam champion @naomiosaka chooses #HouseOfAshes for her Twitch stream debut 😍

Some of the other tweets are as follows:

🥳@naomiosaka gaming on twitch for the first time and she's starting with #HouseOfAshes! @SuperMGames @TheDarkPictures…
@naomiosaka That was cool to see and hear you on Twitch..have a great night 😊
Naomi Osaka having fun in Italy and now gaming on Twitch. truly living the life

Naomi Osaka's fondness for gaming is well-known

Naomi Osaka has always enjoyed playing video games. In fact it was reported by GQ magazine in 2018 that the Japanese spends four to five hours on gaming after finishing her practice sessions.

Last year, the tennis ace became one of the faces of PlayStation 5 and helped launch it.

In a promotional video, the Japanese also talked about how gaming has played a big role in helping her beat stress.

"It really helps me out 'cause I'm stressed out most of the time during the day while I'm at tournaments, but then I come home and I can play the PlayStation and chill out," Osaka said. "You feel so immersed that you're not even thinking about what's happening in real life."


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