Who is Naomi Osaka dating now? All you need to know about the tennis star and her boyfriend Cordae's full dating history timeline

Naomi Osaka with boyrfiend Cordae.
Naomi Osaka with boyrfiend Cordae.

Naomi Osaka rose to global superstardom with her maiden Grand Slam triumph at the 2018 US Open, defeating Serena Williams in the final. Since then, she has won an additional three Major titles, while also ascending to the top of the rankings and becoming one of the highest paid athletes across all sports.

With so much success in her professional career, people have also taken a keen interest in Osaka's personal life. Her dating history is quite brief and she has been in a steady relationship with her boyfriend Cordae since 2019.

Cordae Amari Dunston is an American rapper and singer-songwriter. He displayed an interest in pursuing a career in the music industry since childhood and released three mixtapes during his teens. In 2018, he moved to Los Angeles to make a name for himself, where he met YBN Nahmir after interacting with him on social media.

Cordae then became a part of the YBN collective, a hip-hop group. He released his first single in 2018, titled “My Name Is,” which was a remix of a similarly titled song released by Eminem in 1999. In 2019, he released his debut album, “The Lost Boy” which received critical acclaim. It earned him two Grammy Award nominations, for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song.

Many musicians talk about their partners in their songs and Cordae is no different in this regard. His 2021 song "Dream in Color" mentions Osaka and their relationship.

"My girl would forfeit a tennis match to meet my grandmama, Man, she truly a keeper" - Cordae on "Dream in Color"

Naomi Osaka and Cordae have been together for more than three years now

Naomi Osaka with Cordae and her team at the 2020 US Open.
Naomi Osaka with Cordae and her team at the 2020 US Open.

The two bumped into each other for the first time at a Los Angeles Clippers game in early 2019. Cordae was clueless about Naomi Osaka's stature as a tennis star when they first met. In July 2019, they confirmed their relationship status, though the two had been together for quite some time by then. He later watched his first tennis match at the 2019 US Open, where he witnessed his girlfriend in action.

The couple made their first public appearance together in December 2019, when they attended another LA Clippers game. Osaka credited Cordae for boosting her morale during the 2020 US Open, which she won, as COVID-19 protocols made things quite difficult for players back then.

In August 2022, there were rumors regarding their break-up, though Osaka posted a tongue-in-cheek tweet to clear the air.

The duo's relationship is still going strong after three years. Despite being quite open about their lives, Cordae and Naomi Osaka have kept their relationship relatively low-profile compared to other celebrities who’re under public scrutiny.

Who is Naomi Osaka's boyfriend? All you need to know about the tennis star's dating history timeline