"Rafael Nadal's physical & mental strength; Roger Federer's serve & forehand; Andy Murray's defence & return" - Novak Djokovic builds his perfect player

Novak Djokovic spoke about the best attributes in Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer
Novak Djokovic spoke about the best attributes in Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer's games.

Roger Federer's impending retirement is weighing heavily over the 2022 Laver Cup — the final tournament set to feature the Swiss legend.

Speaking to Eurosport ahead of the tournament, fellow former World No. 1 Novak Djokovic reflected on the best attributes of not just Federer's game, but that of his fellow 'Big-4' members Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray as well.

On being asked to build the perfect player, Djokovic said he would pick Federer's serve and forehand, Nadal's physical and mental strength as well as Murray's return and defensive prowess.

"Okay, so Rafa's strength and physical and mental strength," Djokovic said. "I would take Roger's serve and forehand, and I would take Andy Murray's defence and return. I won't put myself in the mix, but I think that kind of player is already pretty good!"

Speaking of the atmosphere at the Laver Cup, Djokovic said the team shared some great locker room moments at the tournament. He described the tournament as "unique," adding that it gave players opportunities to support each other.

"We had the best locker room moments, the funniest ones, at the Laver Cup," he said. "Just the conversations that we normally don't have on the tour because we are rivals."
"We don't normally hang out together as we all have our teams and our families that we stick to, which is normal and logical," he added. "But the Laver Cup is a unique competition where you get to be team-mates and you get to support each other and experience each other in a different way."

"It is a sad moment for tennis and sport" - Novak Djokovic on Roger Federer's retirement

Federer practicing at the 2022 Laver Cup.
Federer practicing at the 2022 Laver Cup.

Shifting focus to Federer's retirement, Djokovic described it as a "sad moment" for tennis and sports at large.

Djokovic said that the Swiss has been "perfect" in terms of his on-court results and personality, adding that he deserved a big send-off.

"It does feel like it," Djokovic said. "It is a sad moment for tennis and sport in general," he stated. "In general, to have to say goodbye to one of the greats. The way he went about his business, on and off the court, has secured him a huge deal of popularity around the world."
"He has deserved that because he has been so perfect, on and off the court - with his results and career, but also with his personality." he continued. "He has gathered a lot of sympathy with sports fans around the world and his greatness will live forever."

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