"Rocking a similar attitude to her dad when he first hit the dirt" - Fans amused by Daniil Medvedev's daughter Alisa playing with a racket on clay

Danill Medvedev
Danill Medvedev's daughter Alisa hits the clay courts

Daniil Medvedev's daughter Alisa amusingly wielding a racket and ball as she hits the claycourts has drawn hilarious reactions from tennis fans.

Following his third-round loss to Karen Khachanov at the Monte-Carlo Masters, Medvedev is set to continue his claycourt season at the Madrid Open, which commences on Wednesday, April 24. As the Russian geared up for the Masters 1000 event, he was joined by his wife Daria and daughter Alisa.

Daria shared a glimpse of their time at the Monte-Carlo Country Club on social media, capturing Alisa swinging her junior tennis racket around on the claycourts while appearing bewildered by the surface.

The toddler's less-than-impressed reaction to the surface prompted hilarious comparisons with her father from tennis fans, given Daniil Medvedev's well-known aversion to clay.

"Looks like she's rocking a similar attitude to her dad when he first hit the dirt...Amused but thinking is this really for tennis?" one fan commented.
"Lol this is his kid for sure, she already doesn’t like clay courts," another fan chimed in.
"I don’t think she’s a big fan of clay.. daddy’s girl," wrote another.

Other fans, meanwhile, suggested a future mixed doubles partnership between Medvedev's daughter and Rafael Nadal's son, as both children seem to have developed an interest in tennis.

"Mixed doubles team-up with Rafa Jr," a fan posted.
"Playing with Rafito when?" another fan shared.
"She and Baby Rafa are so adorable. Need them to play mixed doubles with their little miniature rackets 😂," said another.
Comment byu/Fragrant-Income3569 from discussion intennis

Several fans hilariously also expressed their hope for Alisa to develop a fondness for claycourts, breaking the cycle of Daniil Medvedev's distaste for the surface.

"If Alisa loves clay…Tennis God you have done your job well," one fan commented.
"Gotta introduce her to the clay at an early age. Don’t want her to hate it like daddy 😂😂😂. Her face is looking like “what is this mess of a court though” already 🤣. I love it!" another fan wrote.
"Alisa Medvedeva, your future Roland Garros champion guys," said yet another.

Daniil Medvedev on his daughter Alisa: "She's like me, she doesn't want any help; if you try to help her, she starts screaming"

Daniil Medvedev
Daniil Medvedev

It's no surprise that tennis fans have spotted the similarities between Daniil Medvedev and his daughter Alisa, as both parents have opened up about how she has taken after her father's personality.

During a Q&A session on social media, the World No. 4's wife Daria shared that Alisa has inherited her father's character, saying that it's "fun" to observe the Russian interact with her mini-me.

"It’s tough. She has a lot of character. And it’s fun to see also how Daniil co-operates with his own character. So, yeah… very, very fun. It's an interesting feeling for sure," Daria said.

Daniil Medvedev echoed his wife's sentiments, asserting that he's "proud" that she shared his aversion to unsolicited help.

"What happens, I talk to my daughter, I'm like, If you need help I'm there. She's like me, she doesn't want any help. If you try to help her she starts screaming, and says, Go away, I need to do it myself. So that's definitely my character. Yeah, I'm proud of it," Daniil Medvedev said.

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