After sharing tourism video featuring Robert de Niro, Roger Federer jokes that Switzerland has "lots of goats"

Roger Federer
Roger Federer
Rudra Biswas

Roger Federer recently took to Twitter to share with his fans the new Switzerland Tourism commercial featuring none other than Robert de Niro. The Swiss maestro was clearly pleased by the reception to the ad, as he then went on a tweeting spree about several interesting topics.

Roger Federer, who was recently announced as the official ambassador for Switzerland tourism, was in a jovial mood on Tuesday as he replied to his fans' reactions to the commercial.

One of Federer's followers claimed in the comments that the country was famous for its cows and the 'GOAT', a clear reference to the Swiss maestro himself. In response, Federer attached a GIF of two goats and wrote that they "have lots of goats".

Roger Federer also referenced the Oscars during his interaction with fans after many of them applauded the Swiss maestro's acting in the commercial.

"Early Oscar favourite?" Federer wrote in response to a fan.

Roger Federer and legendary actor Robert de Niro have a conversation on the phone

Roger Federer
Roger Federer

In the cheeky commercial from Switzerland Tourism, Roger Federer is seen having an animated dialog with Robert de Niro. Federer appears to be amazed by the legendary actor's call, but his joy is short-lived as De Niro begins to relay some bad news.

In the video, De Niro informs Federer that he has seen the Switzerland Tourism ad film that the Swiss maestro wants him to do. But the American actor then concedes that he doesn't like the film at all, as the tone of the film does not match his oeuvre.

"I'm watching it right now as you speak. I don't like it!" Robert de Niro replies when Roger Federer asks him how he liked the film.

Robert de Niro then goes into detail about what exactly is wrong with the film. The American claims that everything is too serene, with mountains, little towns and green valleys in the background, before adding that the film needs more drama.

"Just look at where you are Roger, I mean you got your mountains and your skiing resort and the little towns, green valleys... there's no drama! No drama at all!" De Niro says.
Robert de Niro is one of the greatest actors ever to have worked in Hollywood
Robert de Niro is one of the greatest actors ever to have worked in Hollywood

Robert de Niro, who is best known for his seminal work in crime movies like The Godfather II, Casino and Goodfellas, asserted that he needed "conflict" and "jeopardy", which he thought was missing from the film.

"Roger! From a certain type of actor I need conflict, jeopardy... Switzerland is too perfect," De Niro says.

Angered by the actor's dismissal of the film's happy tone, Roger Federer subsequently smashes a window by swiping it with a backhand slice. Federer then suggests that the duo could go on a special mission, but De Niro rebuffs his pitch by telling him he cannot do the film.

At the end of the video, the actor recommends Federer to get in contact with Tom Hanks, to which the Swiss replies unironically: "Who?"

Roger Federer was later asked on his social media if he had called Tom Hanks, who has been out of the public consciousness over the last few years. The Swiss again reiterated his reply from the video, albeit this time with a laughing emoji.

Edited by Musab Abid

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