Watch: Roger Federer reveals 'secret' behind his forehand in new Lindt ad

Roger Federer
Roger Federer

Despite getting close to his 40s, Roger Federer is still showcasing his elegant style of tennis at the highest level. Not only is the Swiss winning titles regularly against players nearly half his age, he is also winning new fans for the sport with his timeless grace on the court.

But while Roger Federer is one of the most successful athletes in the sporting world, he is also arguably the most bankable one. Recently, the Swiss was ranked by Forbes as the highest earning athlete in the world at $106 million.

Aside from the numbers, Federer has also visibly made a mark in the advertising world by appearing in numerous commercials for top brands. A few hours ago, the 39-year-old appeared in a new ad for Lindt Chocolate, to mark the grand opening of 'Lindt & Sprungli Chocolateria'.

In this cheeky commercial from Swiss chocolate specialists, Roger Federer is seen sneaking into the large Lindt Chocolate Museum in Zurich just before its inauguration. As Federer appears to be amazed by the huge chocolate trophy in front of him, he is greeted by the Maitre Chocolatier of Lindt.

The chocolate expert, named David, informs Roger Federer that the museum is closed and that he must have got the date of the opening wrong. But recognizing the 20-time Slam champion, he adds that there would be no harm in showing Federer around the museum.

Roger Federer goes on a discovery tour in the chocolate museum

Roger Federer has been a top ambassador for Lindt Chocolate since 2009
Roger Federer has been a top ambassador for Lindt Chocolate since 2009

The maitre chocolatier shows Roger Federer around the halls of the grand "Lindt & Sprüngli Chocolateria", which is set to open on Friday. The duo walk around the cocoa trees from which the scrumptious Lindt chocolate is extracted, before they are forced to hide behind a tree when an employee comes along.

Federer then comes across the framed photos of the pioneers behind the famous Swiss chocolate, Rodolphe Lindt and David Sprungli. The origins of chocolate go back to around 5000 years, as David informs the World No. 4.

Midway through the tour, Federer's host is tempted to ask him a 'personal' question. He hesitates before going ahead and asking:

"I'm a pretty good tennis player myself. I'm just wondering, what is the secret of that forehand?"

Roger Federer, who is known for his sense of humor, doesn't bat an eyelid before replying:

"A bad backhand!"

Later in the commercial, Roger Federer is seen playing around in front of the giant tower of chocolate as the maitre chocolatier clicks some pictures for the 39-year-old to show to his children.

The ad ends on a hilarious gag reel as Federer doesn't care to return the maitre chocolatier's chef hat, and drives away with it.

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