"Where is the hate and virulence? Any more misogyny?"- Martina Navratilova lashes out at questions raised against lesbians hating on trans community

Martina Navratilova and Boris Becker Press Conference - Laureus World Sports Awards Madrid 2024
Martina Navratilova at 2024 Laureus World Sports Awards

Martina Navratilova recently called out at a fan who raised a question about lesbians hating on the transgender community.

Navratilova has maintained an active presence on social media post-retirement from tennis. Time and again, she has taken a firm stand against allowing transgender athletes into women's sports.

Recently, a fan took to X and said that attacking transgender people is an attack on the entire LGBTQ community. The tweet read:

"WOW! I just got a lesbian feed that was virulently hateful towards trans women. It’s 2024. If you’re LGBTQ, realize that attacking any of our community is an invitation for discrimination of our ENTIRE community. Trans people don’t deserve your hate".

Navratilova sarcastically responded to the fan and wrote that to say biological men must not play in women's sports was not virulent hate. She replied:

"Really? So “kill the TERFs” is acceptable but saying biological boys and males should compete against other males is virulent hate. Got it. And telling lesbians they aretstraight is also ok. Who is the elitist here? Where is the hate and virulence? Any more misogyny???".

Martina Navratilova on girls dealing with "the feelings of boys who identify as girls"

Martina Navratilova at Laureus World Sports Awards
Martina Navratilova at Laureus World Sports Awards

Recently Martina Navratilova shared and replied to a video of a biological man who competed in a women's high jump competition. The caption of the video read:

"Boy (who won a state championship in girls’ high jump) uses “mental anguish” as a justification to compete against girls. Not one single adult in his life has asked him to consider girls’ mental anguish at being forced to compete against a boy or undress in front of a boy".

To which Navratilova replied that it was always about the feelings of boys and girls would have to deal with the situation. She said:

"It’s all about the feelings of boys who identify as girls and the girls just have to deal with it".

A fan questioned, under Navratilova's post, where the feminists were who fought for women's rights:

"Again - WHERE are the feminists who fought for women's rights?" .

To which the tennis legend replied that feminists were everywhere but it takes time to change minds and rules. Navratilova replied:

"They are everywhere. But hard to be heard and takes time to change minds and longer to change the rules."

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