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'You're a rat', 'You're a doughnut' - Nick Kyrgios & Becker feud over Novak Djokovic & Zverev comments

  • Boris Becker & Nick Kyrgios have been feuding on Twitter, over the latter's comments about Novak Djokovic & Zverev.
  • Kyrgios hit back at Becker for calling him a 'rat', and said that the German was a 'doughnut'.
Mihir Gawade
Modified 30 Jun 2020, 16:44 IST
Boris Becker comes in defense of Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev attacking Nick Kyrgios
Boris Becker comes in defense of Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev attacking Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios is one tennis personality who is rarely far away from controversy. Kyrgios is not afraid of calling out the sport's biggest stars when he feels they're erring, and of late he has been mincing no words in his criticism towards Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev - for their reckless actions during the coronavirus pandemic.

But German tennis legend Boris Becker has taken offence to the nature of Kyrgios' criticism, and called him a 'rat' for publicly "telling off" his colleagues.

Nick Kyrgios and Novak Djokovic - a public hate story

Nick Kyrgios has always had things to say about Novak Djokovic
Nick Kyrgios has always had things to say about Novak Djokovic

Nick Kyrgios has never been a fan of Novak Djokovic. In fact, there was once a phase where the Aussie's series of antics aimed at criticizing or, as fans perceived it, getting a reaction out of Djokovic, was the biggest source of tennis entertainment on social media.

Kyrgios was at it again last week, lashing out at Novak Djokovic and his Adria Tour for the World No. 1's exhibition event becoming a coronavirus hotspot. He also launched a scathing verbal attack on Alexander Zverev when the young German was found to have broken his promise of self-isolating for 14 days.

Now, Novak Djokovic's ex-coach Boris Becker has come out saying that Kyrgios' attack was uncalled for, and that the Australian should have spoken to the duo in private rather than publicly shaming his peers.

Becker was not exactly decorous himself for someone agitated at another's choice of words, as the six-time Grand Slam champion took to Twitter to blast Kyrgios. The German legend said he doesn't like 'rats' while referring to Kyrgios, and asked Kyrgios to "look at himself in the mirror" and get a reality check.


Becker expressed sympathy with those affected by the dreaded COVID-19 virus, implying that Novak Djokovic may have jumped the gun with his Adria Tour. But he reiterated that Kyrgios had no business publicly humiliating his colleagues.

Nick Kyrgios hits back at Boris Becker's defense of Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev

Kyrgios wasn't one to let go of such strong words silently, and immediately hit back at the tennis great.

The Aussie tried to explain to Becker that his intention wasn't to throw any of his peers under the bus. He just feels that they should be responsible enough during a pandemic to not do what Zverev (and Djokovic previously) did.

Nick Kyrgios also said he couldn't believe the choice of words used by Becker in response to him holding the tennis stars responsible. The Aussie said he was just looking out for people, and that when his family and millions of others have been adhering to the strict restrictions imposed upon them, following protocol is the least that highly paid tennis stars could do.

As one would expect, Kyrgios didn't just stop at explaining; the mercurial Aussie soon launched a counter attack at Becker, calling him a 'doughnut'. He also insinuated that while the German was a legend on the tennis court and could make the most unfathomable volleys, he wasn't particularly smart when it came to off-court situations.

Becker had no real reply to this quick-witted Kyrgios response and seemed to be ready to call it a truce with the Australian by calling him a 'funny guy'.

Nick Kyrgios, however, didn't appear to be warmed by Becker's niceties and told the legend to not 'act like they were friends'.

Boris Becker added that all he wanted was for Kyrgios to realize his massive potential in tennis and to become a role model for the youth along with his active wokeness on social issues. Becker said he wanted Nick Kyrgios to 'man up and deliver'.

Becker also said that his only problem with Nick Kyrgios' comments was that they were made on public platforms rather than through private conversation with Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev. The German feels there is a mutual unspoken understanding between athletes to resolve things in the locker room and to not talk about them in the media or social media.

Nick Kyrgios seemed surprised that Becker had now taken the conversation to tennis and gave another reply to the former World No. 1, explaining that this was never about tennis. The Aussie further challenged Becker to stop defending Alexander Zverev and Novak Djokovic and rather ask them to 'man up and give an explanation' for their actions.

Despite his choice of words, Nick Kyrgios did come off as the more sensible person in this whole exchange. Fans around social media are heaping compliments on tennis' biggest 'bad boy', who has been looking like a hero during these tough times.

Boris Becker, while desperately trying to defend his former employer Novak Djokovic and perhaps a potential employer in Alexander Zverev, may have blurred the line between tennis and actual human lives. It's just a surprise that it took Nick Kyrgios to remind him of that.

Published 30 Jun 2020, 16:44 IST
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