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Roger Federer can keep winning Slams till 2020, predicts Scientific Astrologer

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How many more Slams can Federer win?

In 2013, when the Grand Slams had dried up for Roger Federer, this author had predicted that he would go on to win 20. Now that he has crossed that magic figure, the question for which everyone wants an answer is, how many more Slams can he win?

The answer lies in his tormentor, the Saturn. While Saturn was in exaltation during 2012-14, he couldn’t win the Olympic Gold and had just won one Grand Slam. During this phase, Saturn was transiting Federer’s third house of the ‘hands’; and his hands let him down in these 3 years. In 2015, Jupiter got exalted into his twelfth house of losses and he couldn’t win then too.

Now, since 2017, FedEx is enjoying the transit of Planet-X (2007 RH 283) into his tenth house of career. There is a comeback of sorts in his career. So how long will the maestro weave his magic? Well, he can do so till Saturn comes back into his life once again. Saturn is all set to return to its own house in February 2020.

This time Saturn would come into the sixth house of obstacles for Federer. What that means is that he would struggle to win tournaments with Saturn getting stronger and staying till 2022. Beyond that, an even stronger planet, Neptune would enter its own house into Federer’s eighth house of transformations and the Swiss would just leave the arena to spend time with his family.

So, arithmetically, Federer has a possibility of having a shot at another 10 Grand Slams. Even if he has a 30% success ratio, which is a strong possibility because of his current transit of Planet-X, he can end up with another 3-4 Grand Slams. He may just hang his boots anytime post 2020.

So, FedEx, is not done yet; he would extend the lead that he has over the others. He would end up with another 3-4 Grand Slams or will keep winning Slams till 2020, whichever is later. 

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Greenstone Lobo is a research based, modern, scientific astrologer and has a special interest in sports predictions. He is the author of the book, ‘What Is Your True Zodiac Sign?’
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