Top 5 Federer's post-match interview

Apart from his performance, what Federer’s fan most look forward to is his post-match interview. Roger Federer has given his fans some of the most beautiful memories. He has made us laugh, he has made us cry, and he has made us proud through his genuine, humble words.Here is a souvenir of his most lovable post-match interviews:

#1 Australian Open, Round of 16. 2013

Roger Federer is at his witty best when Jim Courier is at the other side of the microphone. In one such interview, Jim wonders about Federers quarter-final streak and ask him how he does it.

Federer responded: my left armthat is massive. Thats what shocks the opponent. When I walk out they see that big huge left arm, tossing the ball. Scary, scary stuff.


#2 Australian Open, Semi-final 2010

If you have enough laugh left in your stock, another of the Jim-Federer interview special will probably exhaust it for good.

Jim, curious about Federer’s performance, asked him about off-season training session. Federer said with a wry smile: “It’s all talent. I don’t work out, I just sit on the couch. All I do is take care of the kids”

Further in the interview, Jim asked about his final opponent, Andy Murray. Federer simply broke the crowd into laughter with this comment:

“I know that he likes to win the 1st [Major] for British Tennis in exquisite homes in 50,000 years.”


#3 Austalian Open Final, 2009

But few of the times, the mood had been a touch emotional.

After losing to Rafael Nadal in 2009 Australian Open final, Federer could not hold his tears after he was cheered by the crowd to the podium.


#4 US Open Semi final, 2009

Another of his most loved post-match interviews featured after his semi-final victory over Djokovic, which included the famous ‘tweener.

The air of the ‘tweener wasn’t yet swept away from the Arthur Ashe stadium. And so he was asked about his ‘tweeners during practice session. Federer responed: “We perform it, but it never works out.”


#5 Wimbledon Final, 2003

Perhaps the best of Federer’s post-match interview came after his winning of his first ever grand slam. He was all smiles and happy until he got hold of the Wimbledon trophy, and broke into tears while thanking his countrymen for the support.


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